GOD is gracious.

This says GOD YHVH :

I AM GOD, the Creator of all existing things. I AM. Many don’t acknowledge this, so they err in their understanding of things going on. Many are not willing to acknowledge My Being and Reigning in the universes. I AM. Still I AM GOD and in control, although many think that satan/lucifer has all powers. But they are blinded and hardened by his schemes. I AM. Many will go lost for eternity, if they don’t turn around. I AM. Many are already My beloved children IN Christ Jesus on earth and in heaven, but are often neglected, despised or even called “insane” etc. Still I AM their GOD and Father and the GOD and Father of creation, which is the work of My Hands and My beloved Son Yeshua ha Mashiach/ Jesus the Christ. I AM. For He and I and Our Spirit/Ghost/Pneuma/Breath are One. We are YHVH-Elochim, the YHVH-Gods above all other gods and godesses in creation. We are the Almighty Ones and no-one else. We chose and choose whomever We want to serve Us in the positions and tasks We have prepared for them to do. I AM. Many deny Our power in this, but We wove them in the wombs of their mothers according to Our holy will and plan with/for them… and within creation. I AM. Soon We will be exalted by Our complete creation, when Our words and plan are fulfilled. I, YHVH GOD, AM.

Prophecy 10.02.2019. by The Candle.

Since 1983 I am a preacher of good news in Gods creation, as He leads me by His holy Ghost and holy angels, in Jesus Christ holy name. Jesus Christ, himself, appeared 5 times to me in the Netherlands in the EU.... and send and sent me as His apostle and eyewittness in these last days before His return in glory, when He will appear on the clouds of heaven to take his beloved ones into glory. God bless you all in the power of Gods eternal love and grace and goodness and wisdom and saving and helping and healing and blessing powers in Jesus Christ holy name. Amen. The Candle.

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