GOD, the Warrior against evil…

This says GOD :

Hear, ye people of these last days/ the endtime, I AM your GOD and Savior in My beloved Son Yeshua ha Mashiach/Jesous Christos/Jesus the Christ. I AM. Many know Me as YHVH/YHWH, the GOD of creation and of Israel. I AM. Many don’t know Me, but will get to know Me by means of My words or prophecies or revelations or dreams or visions or appearances of Me or of My living Son. I AM. Many don’t know what My holy will is, although I often spoke to them. But most of them denied Me or My Son or Our words or gospel or Our revelations. Still We are willing to speak to mankind in these last minutes before Our heavenly judgements will be poured upon disobedient mankind. I AM. Sorrows and depression and many ilnesses and deseases and famines and wars will fill the earth. Many volcanos will become more and more active and several will explode. I AM. Many nations will fear and tremble, because of the things that will come upon them, for I AM the Holy GOD, who hates evil and all evildoers who refused and still refuse to repent and to change their mindset. Many will be consumed by fires. Many will die in wars or civil wars, for My Sword of My Spirit will divide nations. I AM the GOD who reveals the hidden evil. I AM the One who causes people to become whistleblowers. I AM the One who causes people to investigate the things going on. I AM the GOD of Truth and Righteousness and I AM the Holy Warrior against the evildoers. I used and will use whomever I want to reveal the secrets of evildoers. I AM. No-one can hide, for My all-seeing eyes and My all-hearing ears are everywhere. I AM. There is no shield nor bunker nor city under the surface of the earth where people can hide, when My holy wrath will be poured out upon them. I AM. For I AM the Almighty One and My Spirit is more powerfull than all powers of the universes or in the universes, for I created them all. And they all only exist in My powers. Like I called them all into existence by My Word, so I can destroy them all by My almighty Word. I AM. For there is no-one in creation as powerfull as I AM. All things in the heavens and in the earth are held in position by My Word, unless I decide to change things. I AM. All the powers of the heavens and on and in and of the earth and of nature listen to My command. I AM. For I AM the Commander in Chief of all existing material- and spirit-worlds. I AM. There is no god above Me… nor will there ever be a god above Me in future. I AM. The day will come, that I will destroy the heavens and the earth in fire by My spoken Word. I AM. And after this event I will judge the dead in front of My heavenly throne. Those, whose names are written in the Book of Life, will inherit the glorious New Earth and the New Heaven… where they will live in all eternity. I AM. Those whose names are not written in the Book of Life… will be cast out into the eternal lake of brimstone and sulpher and fire, where they will suffer in all eternity. I AM.

Prophecy 19.01.2020. Received by The Candle.