Word of GOD to the tribes of the earth…

This says GOD YHVH to the tribes of the earth :

Hear, ye tribes of the earth, many of you never knew who the real GOD of the heavens and the earth was. For many of you were deceived by evil spirits and by those who were their slaves. I, the Most High GOD of creation, AM the Lord GOD YHVH. I AM the Almighty GOD. I created the heavens and the earth by My Ghost, which spoke words by which they came into being. I AM. All visible and invisible worlds are Mine. I AM. No-one saw them all, unless I revealed them to him or her. I AM. My holy scriptures, based on the revelations and prophecies of My holy anointed ones with Holy Ghost, reveal many aspects of the heavens and the earth… and concerning that was, is and will be. I AM. Soon I will shake the heavens and the earth by My almighty power and spoken words. I AM. For the earth and her inhabitants are not faithful to Me… nor to My word, that reveals who I AM and why I did and do things in creation. I AM. Many even don’t know Me nor My words anymore, because of the deception, which is going around the earth and is in the earth, by satan, the most evil spirit in creation, and his companions, the fallen evil angels, and the demons and unclean spirits, who are My enemies… and who try to make all of mankind to their slaves. I, the Lord GOD YHVH, AM. Many people, who are willingly or unwillingly their slaves, obey them… and deceive other people to do evil and cruel and wicked works… and in doing so, they even deny Me and My existence, although they all knew or know that I AM. Their selfishness and lawlessness and unrighteousness and pride and haughtiness of heart and minds and their evil lusts/desires lead them to harm My creation in all kinds of ways. Therefore they are, because of their godlessness and unbelief en hardening in their hearts towards Me and My heavenly Reign and Love and Truth and Righteousness, people who are dead in sin and transgression of Our holy Thorah and laws under the influence of spirits of darkness. They increase in evil… and even call evil “good” and good “evil”. They are enemies of Our holy eternal Righteousness and Holy Heavenly Good News, Gospel of salvation IN Yeshua ha Mashiach/Jesus the Christ, My beloved eternal glorified holy Son… who is My King above all kings and Lord above all lords and Ruler above all rulers in My holy almighty Powers and Glory and Wisdom and Authority. I AM. Yes, I have a Son. Many of you never heard this before. But it is a fact… and truth and reality. I AM. Soon He will come down from heaven, visible, in My holy eternal/everlasting powers and glory. For He is the Radiance of My heavenly glory of Light, Love and Powers, the Expression of My Being… and the Carrier/Bearer of My almighty powerful words, by which I can do all that pleases Me in creation. For I AM the Lord GOD Almighty. Adonai YHVH is My holy name forever. I AM.

Prophecy 10.03.202. Received by The Candle.

Since 1983 I am a preacher of good news in Gods creation, as He leads me by His holy Ghost and holy angels, in Jesus Christ holy name. Jesus Christ, himself, appeared 5 times to me in the Netherlands in the EU.... and send and sent me as His apostle and eyewittness in these last days before His return in glory, when He will appear on the clouds of heaven to take his beloved ones into glory. God bless you all in the power of Gods eternal love and grace and goodness and wisdom and saving and helping and healing and blessing powers in Jesus Christ holy name. Amen. The Candle.