The cross…

This says GOD YHVH, the All-knowing GOD of the heavens and the earth :

I AM YHVH, the GOD of creation. The heavens and the earth are My work. No-one was before I AM. Soon I will give the inheritance in My coming heavenly Kingdom to My beloved sons and daughters IN Yeshua ha Mashiach/Jesous Christos/Jesus the Christ. I AM. For they are IN Him and He indwells them by His Spirit. They are one with Me and Him and Our holy chosen angels. I AM. Blessed are all who have this hope in eternal glory by means of Our gift of faith to/in them, by which they are saved by means of Our grace and truth and love and work of salvation IN Christ Jesus on the cross. I AM.

Prophecy 12.03.2020. Received by The Candle.

Since 1983 I am a preacher of good news in Gods creation, as He leads me by His holy Ghost and holy angels, in Jesus Christ holy name. Jesus Christ, himself, appeared 5 times to me in the Netherlands in the EU.... and send and sent me as His apostle and eyewittness in these last days before His return in glory, when He will appear on the clouds of heaven to take his beloved ones into glory. God bless you all in the power of Gods eternal love and grace and goodness and wisdom and saving and helping and healing and blessing powers in Jesus Christ holy name. Amen. The Candle.