Rev. 13+14.

This says GOD YHVH, the Almighty One of creation :

I AM the GOD, who lead the history and leads the future of creation. I AM. Although Satan/Lucifer has the right to tempt people, I AM still in control. Soon the Beast- World-system and the beast (1) and the beast (2) anti-christ/other christ/other mashiach/false prophet will demand, that every-one will be chipped in the right hand or in the fore-head… or will receive a mark/sign/electronic-connected-tattoo or number or name of the anti-christ- world-wide-web-internet- banking-system, which is connected to the 666-barcode-system, without no-one can buy or sell. I AM. MY holy children, saints, will not accept that mark/sign/injection/chip… nor nano-tattoo-ID nor any other electronic RFID- chip or nano-technological or to an artificial-internet connected… or wired… or to satelite connected and new electronic-logistic-ID , which is connected to the world-wide-Mammon-system of Satan/Lucifer. I AM.

Prophecy 23.04.2020. Received by The Candle.