The Word of GOD concerning this endtime…

This says GOD YHVH, the GOD of creation and of Israel :

“Hear, ye nations and tribes of the earth, I AM the GOD who brought and will bring judgments upon you, because you left Me. I AM. Many of you heard about Me or even listened to the preachings and teachings of My holy Words and the Good News / Gospel of Salvation. Alas many rejected it. Well, I AM GOD and a Good Shepherd to all My sheep of My flock. I AM. But I AM also the GOD of judgment and of Holy Wrath / Holy Anger and Holy Vengeance towards the evil ones, who are not willing to accept My heavenly and universal Reign in the heavens and on and in the earth. I AM. Many who were or are or remain stubborn will experience the consequences of their words and deeds… and even punishment or judgments or temporary chastisements… if neccessary. I AM. My grace is still sufficient to supply all that My holy people need in times of distress or persecution or kinds of tribulation to overcome, and so they will keep following Me in My holy Son Jesus the Christ/Yeshua ha Mashiach, who is the Radiance of My Eternal Glory, The Expression of My heavenly glorious Being and The Carrier of the almighty powers of My almighty Ghost and His words… to cause whatever is on My and His mind/heart according to Our Holy will and Eternal Plan. I AM. His High Priesthood is glorious throughout all ages… till He returns as the GOD and Lord of all judgments… and wrath and vengeance… as it is also written in the holy scrolls of My former holy prophets, seeers, revelators and apostles… and taught by Our Holy Ghost by Our holy messengers and holy scrolls and holy witnesses, who preached, teached, prophesied, revealed, dreamed or had nightvisions which they shared, evangelised… or shepherded Our flock… and made known to mankind in this temporary creation. I AM. My holy grace will supply the true sheep with the love and care and goodness and power to accept Us… as We are in reality… and Our holy will for their lives to overcome this evil and wicked and godless, and by Satan and Lucifer and the fallen ones, ruled anti-christ-/other mashiach-/other christ-world. I AM. My True saints will follow My Son Yeshua ha Mashiach/Jesus the Christ till the end… to enter one day eternal glory with Us. I AM. Be prepared for persecution. For persecution of the true saints was, is… and will come and remain upon the earth. I AM. Blessed are all who remain faithfull till the end. I AM. My chosen ones / elected ones, from before foundation of creation, will overcome this evil, by Satan/ Lucifer and the fallen ones, ruled world- and Beast-world-Mammon-Money-system, connected to the name and number and the mark, charagma / stigma (= carving, etching, applied / inserted / injected with a sharp pointed object and associated with / connected with … or being 666, which is the sum of the number of the name of the beast out of the the earth / the false prophet, who reigns and rules the Beast out of the Sea / todays temporary World-Kingdom… by his false church and his “high priesthood” of her… and of the Whore Babylon, the great mystery… and being the “peter”/ interpreter of old scriptures of religions… interpreter and explainer and defender of the mysteries of the religions, who wants to create and maintain a world- unity, where he is their leader and the “lord” or “father” of all… and all should bow before him / pay homage / honor / venerate and glorify / worship him… and recognize him as the “supreme ” on earth. This false prophet with his “apostolic / prophetic succession” is the man who persecuted throughout all ages the True Saints, of Me the Living GOD, and who wanted throughout all ages adoration and obedience of all, while sitting on his throne in Rome and desiring total control over all. Now in these last days he has the Image of the Beast, which is given a spirit, that will demand that all who are not willing to honor / worship / glorify him or his image… nor are willing to obey him nor his image nor his/their instructions nor are willing to accept his name, number, mark / injections and seal in there hand or forehead ( 1) … will not be capable to buy or sell… and will be persecuted, gathered… and slain / beheaded in their imprisonment camps. I AM. All who will follow him and take his name, number, mark… or the sum of his number of his name on… or into… their bodies will be sealed by Satans/Lucifers seal… to their eternal condemnation… and will be thrown by Me and My Son and Holy Ghost and True saints and Our holy angels into the second death, the lake of brimstone and fire, where they will be tormented day and night into all eternity. I AM.”

Prophecy related to the Word of God of the bible.

Daniel 7.

The little horn / anti christ /other christ / false mashiach / false messiah / false anointed one and false prophet / the beast out of the earth that looks like a lamb with two horns, but speaks as a dragon. Rev. 13.

He came to power, after he that hindered that he would come to power/would be revealed (the last Roman emperor / Ceasar) was done / taken away / died. Than the Roman Empire of Europe fell apart into 2 feet with 10 toes / 10 kingdoms / 10 horns of the Image / Beast, that Nebukadnessar saw in a vision, and out of these 10 suddenly a little horn appeared and destroyed three kingdoms… and took power and spoke blasphemous words to Him who sits on the Throne in heaven and his holy ones… till the day of Gods Judgment came / will come… and he was destroyed and thrown into fire.

Those who follow this little horn till the end will also be thrown into eternal fire after being judged by the almighty One and his Son and saints and Ghost and words. Rev. 14.

This little horn dominated… and still dominates all nations, by lies, deceit, seduction and betrayal, but looks like a lamb with two horns ( = horns is powers or gifts ) but its spiritual father is Satan/ Lucifer, father of all lies and the murderer of all of mankind… and the Seducer, who tries to take all with him in the falling away from GOD YHVH to their eternal destruction… and suffering in the second death / lake of brimstone and fire.

Prophecy and explanation by God’s grace through Jean M.P. Schoonbroodt. / The Candle / The Voice in The Wind. NL. EU. 13.08.2021.


Added on 10.09.2021.

By The Voice in The Wind / The Candle / Jean M.P. Schoonbroodt. NL. EU.

Today we have the restored Roman Empire ( UN) … (Revelation 13. + 14.+17+18)

of ( 10 toes) 10 horns / 10 krowns / 10 powers / 10 kingdoms, according to Revelation 13. , with 7 heads = 7 elders / leading persons ( G7), with still the man of Rome in power since 1974. The Club of Rome has divided the world in 10 regional kingdoms since 1974 … and has since that day already created the New world Order… and has implemented already, since that day, in their global vision this New World Order- anti-GOD YHVH and anti-christ/anti-mashiach- Beast-system… that wants total control over all of the world.

If you look at the logo of the UN, than you will see a laurel / laurel wreth.That laurel stands for Victory. And was carried on the head of Roman ceasars, who where victorious over their enemies.

Conclusion : The NEW WORLD ORDER HAS NOT TO BE CREATED, but exists already a long period… and is just by them perfected to establish all that they will… and have to do according to God’s revelation and holy will… as revealed by GOD himself in the Book of Revelation.

This says GOD YHVH, the Almighty One :

“I AM the One who revealed this secret of Revelation to all that I empowered by My Holy Ghost to stand firm in the gap between the liars and deceivers of the NWO… and the saints of this age. I AM. For My Heavenly Glorious Everlasting Kingdom is not of this temporary evil world. I AM.;

Says the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, the GOD of creation, the GOD of the True Spiritual Israel, the GOD of the heavens and the earth and of all that is in it… and of all holy prophets and apostles and saints of past, present and future, the Great I AM, who also spoke to Moses… the meek and humble and mighty Man of GOD.

Addition and explanation and short prophecy by God’s grace through Jean M.P. Schoonbroodt. / The Candle / The Voice in The Wind. NL. EU. 10.09.2021.