The Word of GOD to Israel in these last days…

This says GOD YHVH, the GOD of Israel and creation :

“Hear ye Israelites and State of Israel in the Middle-East, I AM your GOD and Redeemer in My holy Mashiach/Anointed One, the Son of Me, the Living GOD of all of the created ones. I AM. I spoke by My Ghost/Ruach Hakodesh My words that created the heavens and the earth. I AM. I AM the GOD of all living created beings. I AM. I AM the GOD of all spirit-beings in the visible and invisible worlds/universes/realms/dimensions that I created by My Word. I AM the Invisible One, who always existed and who always will exist, who has the power to destroy complete universes or to call again new universes into existence. I AM the GOD who also spoke to Moses/Moshe and Aäron… and who lead by them My people of Israel out of the captivity of the king of Egypt, Pharao. I AM. Are you aware of this holy fact and reality ? I AM. Are you willing to provoke Me by your disobedience and evil and wicked ways in unbelief, while denying Me and My True Mashiach, who already was among you in the past… as the son of men and the Son of GOD, the “carpenterson” Yeshua Hinoshri, born at Bethlechem-Ephratha in Judaä according to the holy prophecies of My holy former prophets ? I AM. You should now these facts and fulfillment of the former prophecies concerning the Mashiach/Messiah/Anointed One. But your leaders rejected Him… and even betrayed Him… and accused Him with false witnesses, because they were jealous. For He had authority… and all went after Him and they were healed from all illnesses… and their sins were forgiven by Him, for He walked and talked and taught by / in My Authority… and performed many powers and miracles and threw demons and evil spirits out of posessed people of Israel in those days, when He walked among them as Imannuel. I AM. Still they refused and rejected Him, while being tempted by Satan, when His time had come… and they even demanded, as the spiritual leaders of Israel, that He would be given over into the hands of the gentiles / goyim to be crucified / nailed to the wood of curses. But without knowing it they fulfilled My holy promisses… concerning the work of salvation that I had prepared… to save Israel and creation out of the powers of darkness and condemnation and out of the judgments, that I had to fulfill because of their evil and iniquity and wickedness and godlessness and unbelief and disobedience towards My holy words /Thora. I AM. The Innocent Perfect One… was lead to Golgatha/Calvery like a lamb to be slain for the sins of Israel and creation. He, the Star of Jacob / the King of the Jews/ The Lion of Juda was judged and condemned for the sins of Israel and of creation… to restore the peace between Me and them. For since the sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden mankind lost its peace between Me and them and was rejected… and only by the sacrifices brought to Me and their blood they knew that an innocent one had to die for their evil and guilt… so that the peace would be restored… and they could again have fellowship with Me, like Adam and Eve had before they took from “the tree of the knowledge of good and evil” in Eden. But all these sacrifices were just shadow-images of the True Redeemer and Savior and True Sacrifice, that would save their souls/lives for all eternity : Yeshua Hinoshri Wamalech Hayehuddim / The Lamb of GOD, that I gave to reconcile and forgive and to save all who believe in Him… and follow Him till the end… and keep trusting in this atoning work of salvation that He did to save many from past, present and future. I AM.” : Thus says the LORD GOD of Israel, the Great I AM.

Prophecy 15.08.2021. Received by The Voice in The Wind / The Candle / Jean ( = French for Yochanan / John) Martin Peter Schoonbroodt. NL. EU.