GOD says : My Holy Ghost reveals right now world-wide…

This says GOD YHVH, the GOD of Israel and of creation :

“Hear, ye who have ears to hear and a heart/spirit/mind to understand and to trust and believe Our words by grace, through by Us in you created faith… that will overcome this evil world-system of these last days before the return of My True Mashiach/Christ/Anointed One from heaven, Yeshua / Jesous / Jesus. I AM. Many of you knew already many years ago what would come. But many, like also today, often deny or reject messages from Us, because out of fear… or unbelief… or being little of faith. I AM. Many even was taught that they would never experience the fufillment op Revelation chapter 13. during their lives on earth. But they were taught in a wrong way. Many teachers in churches even erred… and even were not willing to accept anymore that people would have… or speak about… revelations or prophecies or revealing dreams about the endtime and the fulfillment of many biblical prophecies and revelations in their own life… here and now on earth. I AM. Still I AM the Supreme Heavenly Commander of all universal powers and forces in the visible and invisible realms/dimensions/universes/worlds. I AM. I created them all… and no-one else. I AM. Many heard this before, but were not willing to acknowledge Me as their GOD and Holy Heavenly Father and Savior and Judge. I AM. Well… now I will reveal everything concerning these last days and near future, for I AM the GOD of Truth and LIGHT and Heavenly Eternal Glory. I AM. My holy Ghost is revealing right now worldwide the reality that you are living in NOW ! All His gifts are now activ to show all that I AM GOD… and that all fall short of the glory of God, for all sinned/transgressed My holy commandments. I AM. Many fell away… or were lead astray by those who were disobedient and rebellious towards My holy Ghost and His teachings, leading, guidance and revelations and prophecies and prophetic/revealing dreams or visions beside the bible, which added all to the holy scriptures that was neccessary in My holy Eyes to complete the understanding of the things that were / are written by My holy anointed ones of the Old Testament and the New Covenant. I AM. Still some remain stubborn. If I would not lead them to repentance, than they would destroy their own lives… and that of many others. I AM. At this moment world-wide many are awakened to the facts and reality they see. Many are concerned about their lives, health and their future. But if they are not concerned about their eternity, than it might happen that they choose for 666, by which they will go lost for all eternity. I AM. Therefore I urge all and warn all not to take the name, number, mark, sign, charagma / stigma / insertion with sharp pointed objects/injections in/on the right hand/arm nor in nor on the forehead/frontal lob, whereby one becomes part of the anti-divine / anti-God and anti-christian world-empire of the Beast… and its false prophet… connected with and inoculated in the Beast-Computer-System, the internet of all things aka www.= 666. Hear and understand the prophecies and their explanation by My Holy Ghost, by the prophet that writes here under My holy leading and guidance the TRUTH, that will save them that read, hear and understand… and remain faithful to Me and My revealed words in these holy prophetic words, revealing teachings in My and Jesus Christ / Yeshua ha Mashiach’s holy saving names and powerfull Holy Ghost. I AM. ” ; Says the LORD GOD Almighty, the great I AM of all universal powers and beings.

Prophecy by The Voice in The Wind / The Candle / Jean Schoonbroodt. NL. EU.