Days… like the days of Noah…

This says GOD YHVH, the GOD of Israel and creation :

“You are in the days that are like the days of Noah. Endtime-teachings and revelations and dreams and prophecies and nightvisions are given by Me to awaken the people of these last days, before the return of Me in My beloved Son and Holy Image and Temple of the Fulness of My Godhood/Deity and almighty Ghost : Yeshua ha Mashiach / Jesous Christos / Jesus the Christ. I AM. He is the Logos / Word of God, that became flesh and blood… and by which I created the heavens and the earth, for We are One in Spirit and truth and holy powers to create all that We want… or to destroy whatever We want and why and how… and to fulfill Our purpose according to Our heavenly plan and time-schedule. WE are I AM. I AM the GOD of all universal powers in the visible and invisible worlds. I AM. No-one is capable to understand what is really going on… unless We open their eyes of their hearts and mind and spirit and understanding and their ears to hear and their brains to recognize the truth and reality in which they are living now. For Satan / Lucifer and the fallen ones deceived all of mankind throughout all ages to disobey Us to their eternal suffering and even destruction and eternal condemnation… unless We intervene and open the eyes and ears of people and their hearts to see what is really going on and in what lies and deception they are caught. You are living in an illusionary world created by the Evil One and his slaves… in which they tell you lies and deceive you with all ” their scientific knowledge and proves”, by which they mix lies with truth, so that it might seem to be the truth. You are poisoned by the vomin of the Old Snake, that also deceived and betrayed Adam and Eve… and all their descendants till this day. Especially the world of “special effects” is continually producing lies and deceptions , that seem to be so realistic… that even people start to believe them to be true. Satan / Lucifer was always trying to make Me and My Words unbelievable. He always produced and is still producing “sensational” things or “news” to deceive and betray. His lies filled/fills and covered and is still covering, like a veil, the hearts/minds/spirits/brains of people, who do not believe Us nor Our Words. Although We are The GODS of Our created creation, still people often believe the deceit and lies of seducing spirits and their “speeches” or “reasoning” or “science” or “philosophic” or “enlightened thoughts” and “music” and religions or even ” modern technology”. Many were and are fallen away from Us… by the deception that was brought into the world by them and by their slaves, who loved money and power and wealth and sexual derailment and rape and abuse and secret/occult societies and cruelty more than Us. They loved or still love the by Satan / Lucifer reigned world… and its evil lusts of the flesh / evil sensual and sexual desires/Satanic-demonic-passions… more than Us and Our Holy Heavenly Reign and words and truth and good works of love and righteousness. We are I AM. They often “play the game” of being good people, who seek ” the good” for the people they rule… but in reality they cover their evil / wickedness and cruelty and their deceit and seductive and betraying works… and are willing to use and abuse everyone “who is stupid enough to believe and to follow them”, as they call it. You heard about the bible as being God’s Word and revelation. I ask you to return to Me and to My beloved and living and glorified Son Yeshua ha Mashiach/ Jesus the Christ, who is the TRUE MASHIACH / TRUE ANOINTED ONE WITH MY HOLY GHOST / TRUE CHRIST, the True Lamb of GOD that was slain on Calvery / Golgatha for the sins of creation and mankind… to save all who believe in Me and Him and who follow Us. I AM. Many provoked Us and Our holy people throughout all ages. Many hated Us, because they hated Our Being and Reign in creation or because they hated Our righteousness or Our holiness or Our pure Heavenly LOVE and TRUTH… because they often served Satan / Lucifer and the fallen ones willingly… or deceived by them. I AM. I AM the GOD of TRUE HEAVENLY ENLIGHTEMENT. Those who deny Me and My truth and My holy Son and Our holy heavenly Reign and Our glorious holy heavenly message of the Good News / Gospel of salvation and saving works in creation are living in a lie, which they call “truth” or “reality” or “science” or “facts” or even defend them till they die… in their blindness and deafness and stubbornness… chained in the chains of these evil beings / spirits / entities / powers of darkness / “aliens” … and their deceiving and seducing powers… being on the road to eternal suffering and condemnation and kingdom of death/ scheol / hades… and second death, which is the lake of fire and brimstone. Only WE can save them by Our intervention in their lives… if they are willing to learn from Us. If they remain stubborn or reject Us and Our Only Way to be saved for eternity, after having heard and understood the whole truth, than they will be condemned by themselves… and By Our Words… and will go lost for all eternity. I AM. My Son, Yeshua ha Mashiach / Jesus the Christ, showed to all The Way to be saved for all eternity… by means of Our grace through faith in Me and Him… and Our holy teachings / Gospel of salvation and saving grace and of reconciliation and sanctification and of justification and completing grace and love and truth… if they remain in this faith ; that was in Him and His faithfull followers / disciples and all true sons and daughters of Me, the LIVING ALMIGHTY GOD and Father of creation and of Israel… and of all the faithfull believers out of Israel and the gentiles / goyim / nations to their eternal salvation in Our HOLY Heavenly Eternal Kingdom of GOD, now and forever. I AM. ” ; Says the LORD GOD of all heavenly holy armies, who will destroy the wicked and their evil seed on the day of His holy heavenly judgment and of wrath and vengeance, the Great I AM, the GOD of all universal powers and of all powers of nature and all powers in the visible and invisible realms/dimensions, YHWH-Elohim : The Father, The Son and the Holy Ghost, which are One.

“Amen. Hallelu-YHVH-Elohim. Amen. ” ; Says the Spirit of GOD.

Prophecy received on the 22.08.2021. by The Candle / The Voice in The Wind / Jean Schoonbroodt. NL. EU.