Sharp word of GOD to the Endtime-churches…

This says GOD YHVH, The Almighty One of creation and of The True Israel living according to the Spirit of GOD :

“Hear, ye fools of the endtime-churches, who despise My prophet Eliyah in the endtime. Soon He will stand in My Presence… and will judge you because you rejected His warning prophecies that He spoke and wrote. I AM. For many thought that they would never meet him here on earth, for they all thought that he would come after the rapture, together with the second Lampstand/Olivetree/Wittness/Prophet Moses. I AM. You are wrong and deceived by the Old Snake/Serpent/Old Red Dragon. For I have them in My Hand and they are now standing before Me the GOD of creation. Although they are already a while on earth and testified among the nations… I will soon sent them to Jerusalem to be My wittnesses to them. I AM.” ; Says the LORD GOD, YHVH GOD, the GOD of all heavens and the earth, the great I AM.

Prophecy 29.11.2021. Received by The Voice in The Wind / Jean Schoonbroodt. NL. EU.