This says GOD :

“In many countries, nations, persecution of believers in Me and My beloved Holy Son Yeshua Hamashiach / Jesus the Christ is already active in several ways. Especially among those who really obey Me… I AM.” ; Says the LORD GOD of creation, the almighty One, YHWH-Elohim, the GOD of Israel, The true to God connected Spiritual Israel… and of the Holy Temple/Ecclessia of the Living GOD ; those who obey His Spirit and His Holy instructions more than the corrupted leaders of the Whore Babylon and of the Beast, which is now, according to Rev. 13 fulfilling Revelation 13. in practice in these days, that you are living in right now. “Those leaders, or elders of churches or ministers of churches, who disobey My Spirit of Revelation and Prophecy in these days… or deny that this Holy Gift of Me is still neccessary…. especially in this time of the last days… will be lead to serve the Beast and the Whore Babylon. And they will become partakers of these evildoers and wicked people and spirits. I AM.” ; Says the LORD GOD of the heavens and the earth, the great I AM, YHVH-Elohim, revealed in former days to Israel, when He was among them… and lead Israel by Moses, the man of GOD.

Prophecy 14.01.2022.

Received By The Candle / The Voice in the Wind / J.M.P. Schoonbroodt. NL. EU.