GOD’s concerns… and the “concerns” of the leaders of this world…

This says GOD YHVH, the GOD of creation :

“If you seek Me… you will find Me. If you call on My name… I will answer… unless you remain stiffnecked / stubborn. I AM. And even many, who never asked nor looked for Me, will find Me… when I reveal Myself to them IN Christ Jesus / Yeshua Hamashiach. I AM. Many people, throughout all ages, got to know Me in several ways, but always by THE WAY : Yeshua Hamashiach / Jesus The Christ. I AM. Although you might err… My LIGHT always shines in the darkness, when you call on My holy Name or the holy name of My holy Son Yeshua/Jesus. I AM. Many people in these days are counted and registrated and many aspects of their life, but they are not yet written in My book in heaven : The Book of LIFE of The Lamb of GOD. I AM. My heavenly registration is an eternal one, the earthly registration just temporary and will soon vanish. I AM. Many are the scholars, who yell to know Me when they are furious when they do not get their demands from their followers. Many love money more than Me and My Holy Child/Son Yeshua/ Jesus/ Jesous. I AM. Many are even partakers of the Whore Babylon, the Bride/Wife of Satan / Lucifer. Many betray their own flock… or abuse… or even raped many of them. I AM. Many are not in the First LOVE to Me and My Son. How can they lead a flock, if they are not not Mine… ? Their concern is that followers remain obedient to them, so that they can use them for their financial goals, which are not Mine. Many churchleaders are more concerned about their wellbeing… than the welbeing of their flock. Many are very selfish and greedy and their lust for money is the road to eternal destruction and suffering and second death. I AM. Those who remain following them will end in hell/lake of fire. Only My holy Interference can get them out of the snares of these evildoers and wicked leaders. Many are involved in secret/occult societies… and are Luciferians and Satanists, who behave as if being “angels of light”, but are angels of darkness and of destruction. Their guidance is the way to second death. They promote the NWO and the BEAST-World-Government of the UN… and are in doing so co-workers of Satan. They promote 666-linked-injections to overcome the “world-crises”, while deceiving all that believe them to take the killingshots and the mark/name/number/number of the name of The Beast that is in the shots/injections. I AM. All who will remain taking the shots to remain being able to buy or sell… will end in second death/ Lake of fire and brimstone… for they loved Satan and his world of lusts and deceit more than Me, The GOD of creation. I AM. My holy people will not listen to their deceit… nor will they love money and wealth or sinful lusts/satisfaction of the flesh nor their lives more than Me and My Son and Our holy will. I AM. Great is their Glory with Me and My Son when they have overcome this temporary time of confusion/chaos and of manipulation and false indoctrination and betrayal of christianity and mankind, who are often ignorant of the evil schemes of those in high positions in creation, who are godless and wicked… and especially concerned about “their concerns” instead of being really concerned about the wellbeing of the people of their nation. I AM.” ; Says the LORD GOD Almighty, the great I AM, the GOD of creation, who created all out of love.

Prophecy 18.01.2022.

Received by The Candle / The Voice in The Wind / Jean Schoonbroodt.NL. EU.