God revealed.

This says GOD YHWH, the Almighty : I was amoung the Israelites in the past, as the prophets revealed in their holy scriptures/scrolls/books. Many read the Bible or the book of Mormon… and receive eternal truths by these holy prophetic scriptures and holy chronicles, […]

Gods love…

This says GOD : My holy eternal love is going forth over the whole earth to minister to people by My holy angels of love and righteoussnes and by Our holy wittnesses, who proclaim or preach or evangelize the message of Our eternal love […]

The Kingdom of God.

This says GOD : Look around. What do you see ? Nations in turmoil. Many are preparing for war. Still they don’t know, that I AM GOD… and that I will decide, what will happen on earth in these and future days. I AM. […]