To the nation of Persia.

This says GOD to the nation of Persia :

Hear, o Persia, I AM GOD. I AM the GOD above all. I AM the Creator of all existing things. I AM. My holy name was and is YHVH GOD forever. I AM the GOD of Israel and creation. No-one was before I AM. I AM the I AM, who spoke to Adam and Eve and to all chosen ones of all ages. I AM the GOD of Henosh, the seventh after Adam. I AM The GOD of Noach and Abraham, Isaac and Jacob/Israel. I AM. I AM the GOD of all true prophets and apostles and holy messengers from the past and present and future days. I AM. I AM the Living GOD, who still speaks to people in visions, revelations, dreams and prophecies, like this one. I AM. My holy name is forever YHVH, the GOD above all other gods. I AM. Soon I will sent My beloved Mashiach/Messiah/Christ from heaven to destroy the enemies of Israel… to save the remnant of Israel. I AM. For many nations are willing to attack My Israel and to devour My Jews, but I AM their Fortress and their Shield. I AM. I will not allow nations or tribes to destroy My holy chosen ones. I AM still the GOD of My holy Israel, which exists out of holy people, who fear and honor and serve Me and believe in My holy Mashiach/Messiah/Christ Yeshua/Jesous/Jesus. I AM. For soon many God-fearing Israelites/Jews will experience that I AM their Savior IN and through My holy Mashiach. I AM.

Prophecy 16.12.2019. Received by Jean Schoonbroodt/The Candle.