The return of Mashiach…

This says GOD YHVH :

Hear, ye people of Israel, in these last days before the return of the Mashiach from heaven :

Soon I will exalt and glorify My holy name amoung all nations of the earth by means of the appearance of My holy Mashiach, who will come down from heaven to the Mount of Olives at the East-side of Jerusalem in Israel, where He also was taken up into heaven, before the eyes of His followers… after those days when He appeared as the Rabbi of Nazareth… after the preparing work of the prophet Jochannan, who was priest of the order of Abia. I, adonai YHVH GOD, AM.

Prophecy 17.03.2019. by The Candle.

Two Candles in Jerusalem.

This says GOD YHVH, the Almighty One of Israel, to the nations and tribes of the earth :

Hear, ye people, soon I will come with vengeance, for vengeance is Mine, I AM. Many sinned and sin against My holy nation of Israel, which exists out of elected Israelites and Jews out of the twelve tribes of Israel. I AM. Many inhabitants of the state/land of Israel are unholy… and if they don’t repent I will bring judgement upon them. Soon I will send two prophets to Jerusalem, who will call all to repentance… and will reveal My heavenly holy powers to judge nations in performing powers in My holy almighty Spirit. I AM. Many will fear, when they will see their godly powers and what they will work out in creation. For I AM GOD YHVH, the Almighty One, who can save or destroy. I AM.

Prophecy 07.03.2019. The Candle.

Rebellious mankind…vs…revealing GOD.

This says GOD :

In these days I will exalt My holy Son Yeshua ha Mashiach, Jesus the Christ. I AM. For many proclaim that they are gods and godesses… and even when they deny this, they still behave like this, by deceiving one-another in denying My holy Existence and Son and Spirit and words and holy Gospel-truth. I AM. Many will go lost for eternity, when they chose/choose for iniquity, evil and godlessness and fury and wrath and anger and agression and an envious attitude towards Me and My Son and Our Spirit of righteousnes and truth and of judgement and mercy. For I AM the Unchanging GOD of creation. No-one can blame Me for the evil that people do, for they have all their “own will” to serve Me or to deny and rebel against Us… and our holy eternal Reign. I AM. Many will fall into the hands of the Living GOD, who I AM, and will be consumed by My holy fire of judgement, unless they repent and turn back to Me and My Son and Our Holy Gospel and Our Holy Temple. I AM. Our Holy Temple is existing out of living stones, which are the True saints on earth, who trust and obey Us… according to Our grace, poured out upon them and into them, by Our Life-giving holy Spirit. I AM. Many don’t know the Holy Spirit nor His hidden work in the hearts or minds in My holy saints and in the lives of those that We prepare for eternal glory. I AM. Many are not aware that I, YHVH GOD, AM amoung them by My Ghost and Powerfull Spirits/angels, who serve Me and My Son and Our holy Temple or gatherings of saints IN Christ Jesus name. I AM. The mindset of many people is just focussed on earthly things like sex, drugs, pleasures, wealth, luxury, ambition, money, influence, power, religion, philosophy, tradition, cultural things and occultism and even satanism… and different political and socialistic or communistic or marxistic and other “social” or “kapitalistic” views and systems and global items, who almost all deny Us and deny Our heavenly eternal values and truth and power and eternal glory. Therefore they are all on the broad-way to eternal punishment and destruction, unless We reveal Ourselves to them… and lead them to repentance, by Means of Our revelations and prophecies or apostle-teachings and holy words or visitations from heaven by means of Our own appearances or of Our holy angels, with messages from Our heavenly throne. I AM.

Prophecy 17.02.2019.The Candle.

GOD is gracious.

This says GOD YHVH :

I AM GOD, the Creator of all existing things. I AM. Many don’t acknowledge this, so they err in their understanding of things going on. Many are not willing to acknowledge My Being and Reigning in the universes. I AM. Still I AM GOD and in control, although many think that satan/lucifer has all powers. But they are blinded and hardened by his schemes. I AM. Many will go lost for eternity, if they don’t turn around. I AM. Many are already My beloved children IN Christ Jesus on earth and in heaven, but are often neglected, despised or even called “insane” etc. Still I AM their GOD and Father and the GOD and Father of creation, which is the work of My Hands and My beloved Son Yeshua ha Mashiach/ Jesus the Christ. I AM. For He and I and Our Spirit/Ghost/Pneuma/Breath are One. We are YHVH-Elochim, the YHVH-Gods above all other gods and godesses in creation. We are the Almighty Ones and no-one else. We chose and choose whomever We want to serve Us in the positions and tasks We have prepared for them to do. I AM. Many deny Our power in this, but We wove them in the wombs of their mothers according to Our holy will and plan with/for them… and within creation. I AM. Soon We will be exalted by Our complete creation, when Our words and plan are fulfilled. I, YHVH GOD, AM.

Prophecy 10.02.2019. by The Candle.


This says GOD YHVH :

Today, 08/02/2019, I allowed and ordered that My holy angel blew the 6 th trumpet, which sounded above Vlijmen in the Netherlands… and was also heard by my holy prophet and apostle Jean M.P.Schoonbroodt. As you all know, as believers and as people who know what is written in the Book of Revelation of the bible, this trumpet sounded to reveal what is coming and what will happen in near future. I AM. The things written in Revelation chapter 9 verses thirteen (13) to chapter 11 vers fourteen (14) will soon be fulfilled according to My holy and godly plan within creation. I, YHVH GOD, AM.

Prophecy 08.02.2019. by The Candle.

The True GOD.

This says GOD YHVH to the nations :

Listen, ye people of the nations, ye inhabitants of the earth, I AM GOD YHVH, the GOD of creation, the Creator of the universes. I AM the I AM, who appeared and spoke to Moses… and who sent Him to Egypt, to lead Israel out of captivity and slavery. I AM. I AM the GOD, who brings true feeedom to those who call on My holy name. I AM the Almighty One of Israel, who never changes. Blessed are all who call on My holy name and who take refuge under My heavenly eternal powerfull and protective wings. For I AM like an eagle, who protects its chicken under My powerfull wings. I AM. No-one is capable to rob them away from My holy protection, for I AM the Almighty GOD of all existing things. I AM. YHVH is My name forever. I AM. And I AM glorified in the name above all other names : Yehoshua Ha Mashiach = YHVH saves the Anointed One = Jesus the Christ, the Son of GOD, the Only Born GOD of creation, who now is glorified in the heavens and in the earth. I AM. For He and I are One. I, YHVH-Elohim, AM.

Prophecy 29.01.2019. by The Candle.

Fire from heaven…

This says GOD YHVH to the nations and tribes of the earth :

I AM GOD and will bring fire of judgement upon the US and EU and many other nations, because of their wickedness and disobedience towards My holy gospel. Many heard and rejected it as if it was a plague. But soon they will mourn and weep and tear their clothes when judgement will fall upon them. I AM. For My holy righteousness will prevail although many thought, that I was just a mere fantasy. They all knew that I existed and exist, but still denied Me… although I warned all not to deny Me nor My Son nor Our gospel of salvation for eternity. But when people are greedy and seeking the pleasures of the world and its lust/sinful desires and are obscure and perverse and sexual derailed and thieves and fraudulent and liars, deceivers… and denying My holy Truth and righteousness, by which they could have been saved… or can be saved for eternity, than they will go the direction of eternal destruction and eternal punishment. They chose death… instead of GOD and eternal Life. I AM.

Prophecy 24.01.2019. by The Candle.

Judgement has begun.

This says GOD YHWH :

In these days I will exalt My holy Son Jesus Christ and My holy name amoung all tribes and nations of the earth. I AM. For many will hear that the GOD of creation and of Israel and of the true message of salvation will be revealed in glory in the Image of Jesus Christ and His saints. I AM. Many will be judged according to their words and deeds. I AM. The judgement has already started… and has already begun at and in the churches… and in creation. I AM.

Prophecy 17.01.2019. The Candle.

The Messiah… Ha Mashiach.

This says GOD YHWH :

Listen, ye nation of Israel, I AM GOD the Almighty One of Israel and creation. I revealed Myself to thee by means of My spoken and written words. I AM. Many are the tribulations of those who belong to Me and who are faithful amoung unfaithful people in creation. I AM. Many have raised their arms to Me in heaven to pray and interceed and to worship. Still I AM longing for more and more people to worship Me in Holy Spirit and Our heavenly Truth, for Our word is Truth. The true worshippers worship Me in Spirit and Truth, for they remain in Me and My word… and they are focussed on Me and My Son, My Mashiach. I AM. Many don’t know His name, but I will reveal His name to all that I love, for it is the name of the Rabbi of Nazareth, who was called Yeshua and whose foster-father was Joseph and his mother was Miriam/Mary… and they were out of the tribe of Juda, and He was born in Bethlechem-Ephratha in Judäa in Israel. He was despised by many of the scribes and pharisee and sadducee, although He was My Mashiach. They hated Him, because they were jealous, for all people of Israel, yes and even some of the goyim, listened to His teachings and followed Him to learn from Him about the Kingdom of GOD and its heavenly righteousness. Their jealousy blinded their minds and hardened their hearts for Him, who was really amoung them in My power and authority, but still humble and meek. In these last days, of this 21 century, His name is still exalted above all other names by My Spirit and our holy angels and holy sons and daughters in the name of Yeshua ha Mashiach/Jesus the Christ. I AM.

Prophecy 06.01.2019. by The Candle.

New churches will arise.

This says GOD YHVH :

Listen, ye who have ears to hear and eyes to see, I AM the GOD of salvation IN Yeshua ha Mashiach./Jesus the Christ. I AM. Many have fallen away from the truth of the original gospel/word of God. Many churches proclaim to be the church of Christ Jesus, but have not the true foundation according to the original apostle- and prophetical-teachings. Many err and are anti 7-folded ministries of the Spirit of GOD and many are anti- the 7-folded workings/gifts/charisma’s of the Spirit of GOD. And even if they would preach them in their churches, they still don’t practice them… nor allow them to be practiced during their church-meetings. Their “church”- hierachie doesn’t allow it anymore, for they want to have all control. Many of their teachings and practices are in their origin Roman Catholic and not the true teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ and His apostles and prophets and revelators. Many are grown up with a wrong explanation of “how to be church”. Many know somehow, that things are different as what is seen/read in the bible, but can not always exactly explain what the difference is… and when they know and try to speak with churchleaders about the new insights, than they are rejected with their “strange” ideas or “church-splitting” or “sectarian”- ideas. Often they will have to leave these churches… and than seek another church, where their insight is acknowledged or even practiced. But often they first have to travel a long time through several churches to find the church they see in the scripture revealed… and when they cann’t find her, than they often are dissapointed… or stop to seek her… and just accept the fact and leave church or remain in a church, where there is still good preaching, although it is not the true church that We revealed to them in scripture. Some remain seeking Us… and wait for directions in what to do… and some of them are than called to start new churches, according to the things We showed/show to them in the scriptures and by Our Spirit. Therefore many home-churches will be called into existence by Me and My Son and Our Spirit, where We will reveal Ourselves in a mighty and powerfull way to save those, that We have elected from before foundation of creation. I, YHVH-GOD, AM.

Prophecy 24.12.2018. Jean Schoonbroodt.

GOD reveals Himself.

This says GOD YHWH, the Almighty One of the universes :

Soon I will come with great glory to reveal Myself to the nations by means of My glorious Being IN Christ Jesus, when He will appear in heaven on the clouds to take His True Saints up into heaven, so that they will be with Him forever. Amen. I AM. Now, in these last days before His return, everything is being prepared to take His Bride to Him to be united with Him forever. I AM. I, YHWH GOD, AM the King of kings and the LORD of lords and the Ruler above all rulers, in creation, IN and through Jesus Christ/Yeshua ha Mashiach, who is My visible Being of My invisible Being that indwells Him, for He is My heavenly Temple of the fullness of My Godhood/Deity, My heavenly Tabernacle, My Heavenly Candle which radiates My glory. I AM. Blessed are all who believe Me and Him, for We are One. We are the Gods above all gods, Elohim above all elohim. We are YHWH-Elohim, the Almighty Ones. We created the universes, the heavens and the earth. WE are I AM.

Prophecy The Candle.


This says GOD YHWH, the Almighty One, the Father of creation :

I saw many who fell away from Me and My beloved Son Yeshua ha Mashiach/Jesus The Christ. I AM. Many left Us and chose for the world and its evil desires, which are an abomination in Our holy eyes, for they are not willing to accept nor obey Us… and in doing so they are children of darkness. I AM. Many churches I will tear down, for they are a blasphemy on Our holy names. I AM. Many of the churchleaders are evil persons, who deceived My holy people by teaching a wrong gospel, but I will set apart all who are really My beloved children, sons and daughters IN Christ Jesus. I AM. Know this, you churchleaders of the endtime : If your love for money and luxury and sex and satus quo is more important than I AM, than you are Idolators… and I will reveal all your evil works and will go into judgement with you. No-one of you will escape ! I AM. My true faithful disciples are not focussed on your idols, but are focussed on Me and My holy Son and are willing to obey Us more than anything else, for they fear Us and are willing to become completed in Christ concerning their understanding and practicing of Our real words and directions by Our Holy Ghost. I AM. Many of them often fear and tremble when they experience Our holiness, for Our glory is holiness. Those amoung you who deny this and who are willing to please people to get the churches filled with many people, and who are constantly trying to be popular, will not stand the test/trials/temptations and firy darts of the evil one/satan. I AM. Only the true faithfull disciples will be the overcomers. I AM. Many of you lost the true faith and the true gospel and are chained to powers of darkness, that led you astray, because of your unfaithfulness towards Our Holy Ghost and his directions and Our Holy words. I AM. Many of you will not inherit the kingdom of GOD. I AM. My holy eyes continually search in creation, if there is anyone who is really completely dedicated to Me and My words, for to him or her I will reveal Myself in a mighty and powerfull way. I AM. For nothing is impossible to Me and him or her, when I strenghten them by My grace and truth and holy promises and real this-world-overcoming-godly-faith. I AM. I will exalt these faithfull ones, although they are often despised and hated by the world, because of their “extreme” dedication to Me and My Son and Our Ghost and words/propheces/revelations. I AM. My holy children, who really honor Me and My Son… and glorify Us in honest prayer and worship in The True Holy Ghost… and who really fight the good fight of faith, I will exalt on My day before the eyes of the whole world. I AM.

Prophecy 18.12.2018. by The Candle.

The Word of GOD.

In This age many don’t know the word of God.

Because of this fact, many don’t know God… nor His works in creation. If mankind would be interested in God and in His thoughts and words and plan, than some things would be very different. But alas, many are even not willing to get to know Him nor His ways in creation nor willing to obey Him. Because of this, many things are causing troubles, problems, anxieties, worries and other sorrows. But God is still patient with humanity. But soon His patience will end and His holy judgements will increase upon mankind, because of their evil attitude and wickedness, by which they willingly deny Him and do all the things which are evil in His Holy Eyes. Therefore He will punish them with judgement on earth… and afterwards in eternity, if they remained/remain in doing evil. God is gracious and loving, but He is not a fool who will leave evil unpunished. His holy Wrath and Judgement are terrible, if they are poured out upon mankind, who resisted His Person, Son and Spirit and Holy angels and holy messengers/wittnesses and holy testimonies and their holy messages/words/prophecies. GOD is Holy, therefore allow Him to make you holy, so that you will be saved for eternity by means of His love and grace and truth… and True Gospel of reconcilation with God by means of the crucified Christ and his blood on the cross of Calvery and on the Arc of The Covenant. Amen.Trust God and his word and love more than lying sinfull people.

Message by The Candle. 18.12.2018.

Love surpasses all knowledge.

This says GOD YHWH, the Almighty One :

Many seek love, but do not always find her. Many start a relation, but often get disappointed and part from one-another. Love is the most precious gift on earth. Every-one seeks her. But she is a Heavenly Gift of Me, although many don’t seek Me to get her or to find her. I, YHWH GOD, AM love. So come to Me, the Source of real heavenly Love and peace and truth and mercy and grace. For I will lead you and guide you by My holy Spirit of Love and by My holy angels in My and Jesus Christ holy name. I AM.

Prophecy 18.12.2018. by The Candle.

The reward of true believers.

This says GOD YHWH, the Almighty One of Israel and creation :

See how people earn money. Honest or not honest. Their works show their hearts. By their fruit you will kow the trees. Not all, that people tell you, is the truth. Many are professional liars/deceivers/manipulators, yes even narcistic and even dangerous, some even killers or serial-killers. Therefore be awakened and on guard and watch the signs of this endtime. The time of destruction is near. Many will suddenly die in their sin, when judgement wil fall upon them. I AM. The true believers and followers of Christ Jesus, the true saints in creation, will be exalted on My holy day, for they will be taken up into the sky/clouds/heaven to be with Christ Jesus forever. I AM. But untill that moment they will have to stand firm in the faith, rooted in the word of GOD. I AM. Those who will endure and overcome, will sit with Me and My Son on Our heavenly Throne. I, YHWH-GOD, AM.

Prophecy 09.12.2018. by The Candle.

They lost their innocence…

Hear, ye nations, tribes, inhabitants of the earth : I, YHVH, AM GOD. No-one was GOD before I AM. Many heard the gospel. Many refused to return to Me, for they loved the world and its lusts/desires more than Me. I AM. Still I will try to save people worldwide, for I AM gathering My true flock of heaven, My True sheep, which I had chosen from before the foundation of creation, my real True faithfull children born out of GOD, who I AM. I AM. Many will err in this age, because of the deception that is going around like a lion, who will devour them, because of the evil spirits of darkness that are seeking to distract and blind mankind to its destruction. I AM. Their innocence is not anymore before My holy eyes, for many heard the Truth concerning My holy Being and decided to choose the world instead of My heavenly eternal Kingdom. I AM. Many are lost for eternity, because of their falling away from Me and My holy Son Yeshua ha Mashiach/Jesus the Christ and Our holy words/gospel. I AM. Many are deceived and deceivers, willingly or unwillingly, but still under the influence of powers of darkness. I AM. Many are near to their destruction. Many are aware of the fact, that things are getting turbulent on earth and can escalate each moment in wars or several huge crises. I AM. Remember this : I create prosperity or adversity, salvation or doom, according to My holy will, words/prophecies/revelations and plan… and or the choices of persons, families, generations, people or nations. I AM. For many are not willing to acknowledge Me nor My Son nor Our words nor Our Gospel nor Our righteousness nor Our Reign/Majesty nor Our Kingdom… nor Our way of salvation in My and Jesus Christ holy name and His atoning/reconciling/redeeming sacrifice by the shedding of His blood on the cross/stake/pole/wood of curse on Calvery, nor His High Priesthood in My Holy Presence in heaven, to save those who repent… and believe Us and Our Way to their salvation by obeying Our gospel. I AM.
Blessed are those who believe, trust and obey Our heavenly truth in Our words by means of Our giving goodness/grace. I AM.

Prophecy 29.11.2018. by The Candle.

Many will follow in the footsteps of the devil.

This says GOD YHWH, the Almighty One of Israel :

My holy word confesses that I AM. Many prophets prophecied about the coming of the Messiah/Christ, who would be slain. Still I AM continiously trying to reach out for people to save them for eternity. But alas… many are not willing to accept Me nor Him nor Our True gospel of salvation. Therefore I will bring judgement on people who rejected Us and Our love and saving work and gospel. Many will follow in the footsteps of the devil, for they long to be totally connected to his world of darkness by choosing a life on earth that is independent from Us. Many are already under the wrath of Us, but deny it and are not willing to acknowledge it nor willing to admit it to their family-members or beloved ones or colleagues. I AM. But I will reveal it soon, when I will throw them into the lake of fire. I AM. Only My chosen and elected ones will be saved for eternity. I AM.

Prophecy 20.11.2018. by The Candle.

Choices of people… and their eternal destiny.

This says GOD YHWH, the Almighty One :

Soon I will return. Be prepared, for the Son of men, the Son of God, God incarnated, soon will come. Many are concerned about much, but hesitate to accept our good news/gospel or are not willing to follow Jesus Christ or to suffer for Christ sake… and so they reject Us and Our gospel of salvation and Our messengers/wittnesses and Our holy books/biblia… and in doing so, they deny Me and My Son Y.H.W.H. and Our words… and reject their eternal salvation. Many will go lost for eternity and will be thrown into the lake of fire, because they chose the world, which is ruled by satan, and in doing so they chose to become sons and daughters and children of satan… and so his slaves to their eternal damnation. I, YHWH GOD, AM. Many will suffer here on earth and in all eternity, because they refused to be saved by My holy Love and grace and truth and holy saving and reconciling and sanctifying and justifying and completing and glorifying work IN Christ Jesus. I, YHWH GOD, AM. Allthough they could have been saved for all eternity, to live in eternal glory with Us in all eternity in Our heavenly Kingdom, they threw it away like garbage and chose eternal suffering, mourning, weeping, gnashing of teeth and pain. I YHWH wanted to save them, but they rejected. I, YHWH GOD, AM.

Prophecy 13.11.2018. by The Candle.

Real freedom… and True LIFE.

This says GOD YHWH, the Almighty One of Israel and creation :

Look around. What do you see ? Many seek life and peace and truth and joy and happiness and comfort and love, but are often disappointed in life and friendships and people surrounding them. Reason : They don’t seek Me nor My heavenly Kingdom and My holy righteousness. Their own soul/spirit is entangled by things and thoughtpatterns of the world and the desires of the flesh and of things of demonic origin, without knowing it. These satanic spirits/demons/fallen angels inspire many to deny God’s existence or to reject His Being or Ghost or Son and words/warnings and gospel of salvation/saving good news. Many are lost in this deception of the forces of darkness. Many think that they are free, but are slaves of evil influences. Many people are their slaves, but deny it or are not willing to acknowledge it or are not willing to repent from it… or are so in their evil powers bounded, that they can not free themselves anymore and need to be set free by My holy Ghost and His powers in My and Yeshua ha Mashiach’s/Jesus Christ’ holy names and grace and truth. Amen. I AM. Therefore I urge all people worldwide to return to Me and My beloved almighty Son Jesus Christ and to Our holy true disciples, who can deliver them or set them free from their bondages and captivity in Our holy almighty powerfull names and grace and love and truth and Holy Ghost-powers. I AM. My advice : Seek Me in honest serious eagerly prayer and We will hear and help and save and set free. If you have people who are possessed by evil spirits, than take them to My holy Temple, which is the gathering of My true saints on earth, so that My true faithfull disciples can set them free in the power of the faith that we gave/give them. I, YHWH-GOD, AM. Tell all who are willing to be saved to return to My holy Temple, which is build upon My holy eternal words and gospel of salvation and reconciliation and sanctification and justification and completion and glorification of all who believe our holy gospel… and who obey it according to the original apostle- and prophetic- teachings in My and Jesus Christ’ holy names. I AM. Those who will be born again out of water and Spirit of GOD will be saved, if they remain in this holy gospel and in My holy Temple. I, YHWH GOD, AM.

Prophecy The Candle.