This says YHWH/YHVH/The LORD GOD :

“Hear, ye nations, I AM GOD, the Almighty One. I AM not amused by those who amuse people without accepting My holy righteousness. I AM. Many seek the things of this world to become famous or adored… as if they were/are gods or godesses. But I AM the Only Almighty One, who was, is.. and is to come in My holy Image/Tabernacle/Temple, called Immanuel or Jahshua ha Mashiach/Jesus the Christ. I AM. Never before… people existed… till I created them. They are My invention and not the invention of themselves… nor the product of evolution. I AM. They didn’t create Me… nor am I a product of their fantasy or of religious deceit. I AM.” ; Says the Lord GOD, The Almighty One, the GOD of Israel and creation.

Prophecy 30.01.2021. Received by The Candle/Jean Schoonbroodt.NL.EU.

Vengeance and wrath of God upon the leaders of the nations…

This says GOD YHVH to the nations and their leaders in 2021 :

“Hear, ye evildoers, I know your hidden works and rituals and bloodsacrifices in your secret/occult gatherings of the freemasons on the 30-33 degree-level. I know what you are doing, speaking… and see your heart. I know that I hate your evil and wickedness and cruelty. Soon I will come with vengeance and take you out by My almighty powers and holy armies of heaven. You were/are called to rule the nations and tribes of te earth, but you chose Satan / Lucifer and the fallen ones as your “gods”. You belong all to the church of Satan and to the “high house”, that floats in the air… without an everlasting foundation. You despised My holy prophets and messengers throughout the ages and many of them were murdered by your evil schemes. But now the day of wrath and vengeance has come upon you. I will show you your iniquity and your evil and cruel deeds and will give it to you as an everlasting condemnation in your hearts, as a worm of hell and fire in your spirit, souls and bodies. I AM.” ; Says the LORD GOD Almighty, YHVH-GOD, the GOD of the heavens and the earth, the Great I AM , the Ruler and King of the universes/kosmoia, the GOD of the True Spiritual and chosen Israel.

Prophecy 11.09.2021. Received by The Voice in The Wind / The Candle.

Shocking and revealing interview…

Stew Peters interviews Dr.Robert Young, researcher.

Posted on 09.09.2021.

Attention !!! Confirms prophecy of 18.08.2021. :

Several messages placed here by The Voice in The Wind / The Candle / Jean Martin Peter Schoonbroodt. NL. EU. 0909.2021.

To the nations… and people of the earth…

This says GOD YHVH, the GOD of creation, the Almighty One, the great I AM of all universes/kosmoia/cosmos/worlds :

“Hear, ye nations and people of the earth, I AM YHVH, the GOD of all existing things in the material and spirit-worlds. I AM. No-one is capable to understand all things that I did throughout all ages in all the things that I created by My Word. I AM. Many think that they can erase Me or the remembrance of My Being or words by fighting against Me and My beloved and chosen ones in creation. I AM. Alas, you will fail, for no-one can kill Me nor destroy Me for I AM the Almighty One… and you are just little puppets walking on this temporary earth, thinking that you are very important and that you can keep control over what is going on… on earth. All your vomin and evil and snares and schemes even to eradicate My Holy Temple, The True Body of Christ Jesus / Yeshua ha Mashiach which is the gathering of true saints who follow Me IN Christ Jesus, will fail. For I will always again and again show you that My True Heavenly Temple / Tabernacle is immortal… and lasts forever. I AM. One day My holy Son and His saints will come down from heaven with holy angels that will consume you with holy fire and will cleanse the whole earth from all godless and wicked ones, who did not acknowledge Us… nor Our holy words and gospel and teachings and prophecies and revelations and warnings and temporary judgments. I AM. Now is the time to save your soul and to quit with evil and to call on Our holy names to save your lives and spirit/soul for eternity… and to admit your sins/transgressions of Our holy commandments and your disobedience and godlessness and wicked and cruel ways. If you remain stubborn… and are not willing to repent and to allow Us to show you the way to eternal glory by means of faith that is activ in love and truth and true righteousness and is activ in doing Our holy will… than We suddenly will pour out Our holy Judgments upon you and will punish you for your evil and wicked thoughts, words and deeds and evil schemes… and plan to destroy all of mankind to create for yourselves “paradise on earth” … without acknowledging Me as the Living GOD of all existing things in the visible and invisible worlds. I AM. I AM The King above all kings and The LORD above all lords. So if you remain proud I will humble you… and will show and reveal your Satanic / Luciferian demonic evil attitudes and thoughtpatterns and cruelty and your bloodsacrifices… and I will judge you by those that you despised as beinging the “vulgair” , the “scum of the earth” , in your proud eyes. I AM. Ye haughty men and women on earth, ye are going to hell/kingdom of death/scheol/hades and second death/ the lake of brimstone and fire if you remain in your godlessness and evil and wicked ways. I AM. Blessed are all who I will bring to repentance to change their hearts by means of My grace and love and truth and holy righteousness and mercy and gift of faith in these eternal facts, that were already revealed and taught throughout all ages by My Holy Ghost and by those who were His servants. I AM. For I AM the Living GOD who hates evil and wickedness and cruelty, but who loves mercy, righteousness, holiness, faith that is activ in doing good and that takes care of creation and of people according to My holy and loving and caring and saving and healing will. I AM.” ; Says the LORD GOD YHVH, the Almighty One of Isreal and creation, the Great I AM.

Prophecy 05.09.2021. Received by The Voice in The Wind / The Candle / Jean Schoonbroodt. NL. EU.

Endtime-facts and reality… that will shock mankind…


Message concerning these serious days… in which our choices create our eternal fate… and final destiny…
 This says GOD YHVH, The GOD of Israel, the GOD of creation, The Almighty One :

“Hear, ye people of the endtime, I AM the GOD who will fulfill My holy words in these last days. I AM.Revelation 13 is now being fulfilled. Many churchleaders err when they say that this is not a fact nor reality, but false teaching or false prophecy. But I AM the GOD of holiness and righteousness according to the Thora and all other holy scriptures of the book of the Israelites and Jews, called the Tenach and the other holy scriptures written by the Jewish holy apostles of the Lamb of GOD, who is My beloved Son Yeshua ha Mashiach / Jesous Christos / Jesus the Christ. Today I will reveal in this holy message/prophecy that soon I will erase billions of people, who are worthy to be eliminated because of their godless and wicked life-style. I AM. For I AM the GOD who allows Satan /Lucifer to rule this Anti-God and Anti -Christ World -Beast-System , called the New World Order. I AM. For many were / are / will be tested  if they take the mark/sign/name/number of the name or injections or tatoo’s or other 666-linked  micro-technology into their body, right hand or forehead, which stands for actions and center of the will. I AM. Many chose already for the pleasures and provisions of this godless wicked Satanic – / Luciferian -World-System, also called the Beast out of the sea, and  for the Beast out of the earth, which is the false prophet of Rome. I AM. ; Says the Lord GOD Almighty, the GOD of the heavens and the earth, the Great I AM of the universes. “Those who accepted or accept the mark, number, name… or number of the name of the Beast… and or their injections linked to 666 by means of vaccines… or band aids with sharp and thin pallisade-needles filled with hydrogel with nano-technology and/or other Rna en Dna-changing and the body and nerve-system influencing strange materials that are like antennas, that receive the radiation or electro-magnetic fields of 4G, 5G, 6G, 7G, which will sent  messages to their brains and nerve-system and cells of their bodies… to take them totally over for the sake of total-world-control. I AM. Many heard it already before, but were not willing to accept it… for it seemed too horrible and too insane to be true, so they refused these holy warnings  and called them “conspiracy-theories”. Their lack of faith in Me and My Son and Our holy Gospel and prophecies and revelations brought them to the point that they believed the lies and deceit and manipulation of the by Satan ruled elite… and their World-Government, The  UN ,The Beast out of the Sea. They chose for the by Satan / Lucifer reigned anti-GOD world-system… and in doing so for eternal condemnation. I AM. For I came to save all who believe… and trust… and obey… My holy words and will and revelations and prophecies and holy instructions… given by My holy Ghost. I AM. Woe to those who resist Me and My holy prophecies and revelations and warnings by those who even know these facts by investigating it according to the holy scriptures… and were / are watchers on the wall  or standing on /My towers of My holy castles/fortress to look into the fields to see if their is danger by the enemies who want to destroy the cities or dwellings of those they protect… by giving the alarm to wake them up to prepare for the battle. I AM. Now, in these days, I even use people who are even not born again, but live according to their conciousness and their knowledge of what is really going on, because of their investigation of what is really going on in their own fields of profession… and who are willing to teach all what they discovered to warn other people of what is really going on that will damage and destroy people. I AM. Many people of medicine and doctors were and are activated to warn mankind, by My work in their lives, to save all who are willing to listen to real true facts and real knowledge and real unfalsified science and whistle-blowers. I AM. Many are raised up to be My warriors for truth and righteousness in these last days to save all for eternity… who believe Me and My words and messengers and co-workers… to save all who believe the facts and are not willing to follow the deceit and seduction and manipulation and indoctrination of the evildoers and wicked and betrayers, who created and sustain and honor and obey this world-wide Beast-system, which tool is the “internet of all things” or the world-wide-web of the great Spider that will catch and kill/murder all who are caught in her web. A web of a spider looks very beautifull constructed and has a special attraction to its victims, so that they will come to be caught and killed/murdered according to the spiders will or hunger for flesh. I AM. Do not allow them to inject her vomin into your body to erase you and to bring you into eternal hell/condemnation. I AM. Those who will take the shots will die a horrible death and will be thrown into second death, which is the lake of fire and brimstone.You can read this in Revelation 13 + 14 of My holy revelation to My holy apostle John in the book called “The Apocalypse” or “The Book of Revelations” in the bible, the last book of the second part of the bible called :  The New Testament. I AM.”

; Says the LORD GOD Almighty, YHVH-GOD, the GOD of Israel and of creation, The Savior of all… who believe, trust and obey Him. “Amen” ; Says the Spirit of GOD.

Prophecy on the 04.09.2021. Received by The Voice in The Wind / The Candle / Jean M.P. Schoonbroodt. NL. EU.

Message by The Voice in The Wind. / The Candle / Jean Schoonbroodt. NL. EU.


Encouraging message of love…


By The Voice in The Wind / Jean Schoonbroodt. NL. EU. 04.09.2021.

Many search for TRUTH and TRUE LIGHT in the darkness of this age… and there is just ONE LIGHT that enlightens all of mankind with the TRUE KNOWLEDGE OF GOD IN THE FACE OF CHRIST JESUS / YESHUA HAMASHIACH, THE TRUE ANOINTED ONE OF GOD, THE PERFECT ONE / THE LAMB OF GOD, that was slain for the sins / transgression of The Thora /Law of GOD … of Israel and the Jews and creation… to save all who believe in YHVH-Elohim, the GOD of Israel and creation.

GOD speaks to the nations in the Middle-East…

This says GOD YHVH, the GOD of Israel, to the nations surrounding Israel in the Middle -East :

“Hear, ye nations and tribes of the Middle-East, I AM the GOD above all gods and godesses… from past, present and future days. I AM the GOD who spoke to all holy prophets/seeers and revelators and holy messengers… and I AM now again speaking to all nations by this prophecy. I AM. For I choose whomever I want to choose to become or to be My Voice in the Wind of My Holy Ghost. I AM. Never before I prophecied like now. For My work by this weak vessel, that they call Jean Martin Peter Schoonbroodt from the Netherlands in the European Union, is worldwide known by those that I elected to get to know him and by him Me, the Almighty Living GOD of creation. I AM. Many hated him and tried to destroy him because of his prophetic street-preaching, by which I reached out to many to save them for all eternity. I AM. But alas, like it happened throughout all ages again and again with my holy messengers, many didn’t acknowledged them as My Voice in The Wind of the Holy Ghost throughout the ages, that they lived in, to be My holy witnesses… nor him, J.M.P.Schoonbroodt as a prophet in these last days of the endtime. I AM. You are facing the fulfilment of the Apocalypse. But many err and are not willing to acccept this reality or fact. Many are concerned about their well-being and money and luxury and fulfillment of satisfaction in all areas of life, but don’t really seek Me to their eternal salvation. For everyone will die once… and after that moment they will go down into scheol/hades/kingdom of death… or will be taken up into My holy Presence to be with Me forever, when they overcame this evil world and Beast-system by means of faith and obedience towards Me and My Ghost and words and Son and Our holy prophets/seeers/revelators and apostles… who wrote Our words in holy scriptures as testimonies to all of creation. I AM. I AM the Living GOD… and I will consume My enemies with fire… on the day that I will come down from heaven to eradicate them from the earth… in very near future. I AM. Many Satanists / Luciferians will experience My holy wrath and vengeance in very, very, very near future. I AM. My holiness is My Glory. I AM. Unholy people will not inherit the Kingdom of GOD, but will be thrown into a place of eternal suffering/torment/condemnation. I AM. Reason : I will not tolerate that in My future Kingdom of God, that will last forever, these evil and wicked cruel animals/predators/goats/snakes/vipers will live in eternal glory with Me and My beloved glorified Son Yeshua ha Mashiach/ Jesus the Christ. I AM.” ; Says the LORD GOD YHVH, the Almighty One of all created heavens and the earth, the Great I AM, the Eternal One, who was, is and always will be. For He is not flesh and blood… not a material being, but Eternal Almighty Ghost/Power/Light/Fire/Wind/Dynamis/Energy/ Holy Breath/ Ruach Hakodesh, the Source of all dimensions/realms and existing spirit-beings and all living creatures who have spirit/breath/life/energy and of all matter… or material things or worlds.

Prophecy 02.09.2021. Received by The Voice in The Wind / The Candle / Jean Schoonbroodt. NL. EU.

How GOD spoke… and speaks today… to warn, to save…

This says GOD YHVH to the nations of the endtime…

“Hear, ye nations, I AM the GOD of creation and I will bring fire of judgment upon you and among you, for I will exalt the faithful ones and will humble the proud and unfaithful ones. I AM. Many heard My voice in the preaching and teaching of the Good News. Still many fell away. You are now in the days of the fufillment of the prophecies and revelations of the Book of Revelation of Jesus the Christ. I AM. Many heard or read this before, but were often not willing to acknowledge this fact. So I had to show it to them… even by My holy revelations, dreams, nightvisions and prophecies of these last days and by those who were scientists… and were faithful in their own profession and specialisation or workfield. I AM. Many heard about the injections and their desastrous effects in the human body… and still many were not willing to accept it, nor willing to really investigate it. Many were lukewarm and were not willing to accept the facts, written or exposed by them who were like watchers on the wall, who announced the threat… and the enemy that was attacking them. Many were/are asleep and are… while seeing… blind… and while hearing… deaf . Many heard that the injections were harmful and even would kill many, but the mainstream-media were not objective in their reporting. Their subjectivity was alarming to many… and still is. So I have created many new media to show all the truth… as long as they do not remain stubborn. Some are so hardened, that they are on the broad road to eternal destruction and suffering. I AM. ” : Says the LORD GOD Almighty, the GOD of Israel and creation, the Great I AM / Adonai YHVH, the GOD of the heavens and the earth. “Amen” ; Says the Spirit of GOD.

Prophecy 28.08.2021.

Received by The Candle / The Voice in the Wind / Jean M.P. Schoonbroodt. NL. EU.

Days… like the days of Noah…

This says GOD YHVH, the GOD of Israel and creation :

“You are in the days that are like the days of Noah. Endtime-teachings and revelations and dreams and prophecies and nightvisions are given by Me to awaken the people of these last days, before the return of Me in My beloved Son and Holy Image and Temple of the Fulness of My Godhood/Deity and almighty Ghost : Yeshua ha Mashiach / Jesous Christos / Jesus the Christ. I AM. He is the Logos / Word of God, that became flesh and blood… and by which I created the heavens and the earth, for We are One in Spirit and truth and holy powers to create all that We want… or to destroy whatever We want and why and how… and to fulfill Our purpose according to Our heavenly plan and time-schedule. WE are I AM. I AM the GOD of all universal powers in the visible and invisible worlds. I AM. No-one is capable to understand what is really going on… unless We open their eyes of their hearts and mind and spirit and understanding and their ears to hear and their brains to recognize the truth and reality in which they are living now. For Satan / Lucifer and the fallen ones deceived all of mankind throughout all ages to disobey Us to their eternal suffering and even destruction and eternal condemnation… unless We intervene and open the eyes and ears of people and their hearts to see what is really going on and in what lies and deception they are caught. You are living in an illusionary world created by the Evil One and his slaves… in which they tell you lies and deceive you with all ” their scientific knowledge and proves”, by which they mix lies with truth, so that it might seem to be the truth. You are poisoned by the vomin of the Old Snake, that also deceived and betrayed Adam and Eve… and all their descendants till this day. Especially the world of “special effects” is continually producing lies and deceptions , that seem to be so realistic… that even people start to believe them to be true. Satan / Lucifer was always trying to make Me and My Words unbelievable. He always produced and is still producing “sensational” things or “news” to deceive and betray. His lies filled/fills and covered and is still covering, like a veil, the hearts/minds/spirits/brains of people, who do not believe Us nor Our Words. Although We are The GODS of Our created creation, still people often believe the deceit and lies of seducing spirits and their “speeches” or “reasoning” or “science” or “philosophic” or “enlightened thoughts” and “music” and religions or even ” modern technology”. Many were and are fallen away from Us… by the deception that was brought into the world by them and by their slaves, who loved money and power and wealth and sexual derailment and rape and abuse and secret/occult societies and cruelty more than Us. They loved or still love the by Satan / Lucifer reigned world… and its evil lusts of the flesh / evil sensual and sexual desires/Satanic-demonic-passions… more than Us and Our Holy Heavenly Reign and words and truth and good works of love and righteousness. We are I AM. They often “play the game” of being good people, who seek ” the good” for the people they rule… but in reality they cover their evil / wickedness and cruelty and their deceit and seductive and betraying works… and are willing to use and abuse everyone “who is stupid enough to believe and to follow them”, as they call it. You heard about the bible as being God’s Word and revelation. I ask you to return to Me and to My beloved and living and glorified Son Yeshua ha Mashiach/ Jesus the Christ, who is the TRUE MASHIACH / TRUE ANOINTED ONE WITH MY HOLY GHOST / TRUE CHRIST, the True Lamb of GOD that was slain on Calvery / Golgatha for the sins of creation and mankind… to save all who believe in Me and Him and who follow Us. I AM. Many provoked Us and Our holy people throughout all ages. Many hated Us, because they hated Our Being and Reign in creation or because they hated Our righteousness or Our holiness or Our pure Heavenly LOVE and TRUTH… because they often served Satan / Lucifer and the fallen ones willingly… or deceived by them. I AM. I AM the GOD of TRUE HEAVENLY ENLIGHTEMENT. Those who deny Me and My truth and My holy Son and Our holy heavenly Reign and Our glorious holy heavenly message of the Good News / Gospel of salvation and saving works in creation are living in a lie, which they call “truth” or “reality” or “science” or “facts” or even defend them till they die… in their blindness and deafness and stubbornness… chained in the chains of these evil beings / spirits / entities / powers of darkness / “aliens” … and their deceiving and seducing powers… being on the road to eternal suffering and condemnation and kingdom of death/ scheol / hades… and second death, which is the lake of fire and brimstone. Only WE can save them by Our intervention in their lives… if they are willing to learn from Us. If they remain stubborn or reject Us and Our Only Way to be saved for eternity, after having heard and understood the whole truth, than they will be condemned by themselves… and By Our Words… and will go lost for all eternity. I AM. My Son, Yeshua ha Mashiach / Jesus the Christ, showed to all The Way to be saved for all eternity… by means of Our grace through faith in Me and Him… and Our holy teachings / Gospel of salvation and saving grace and of reconciliation and sanctification and of justification and completing grace and love and truth… if they remain in this faith ; that was in Him and His faithfull followers / disciples and all true sons and daughters of Me, the LIVING ALMIGHTY GOD and Father of creation and of Israel… and of all the faithfull believers out of Israel and the gentiles / goyim / nations to their eternal salvation in Our HOLY Heavenly Eternal Kingdom of GOD, now and forever. I AM. ” ; Says the LORD GOD of all heavenly holy armies, who will destroy the wicked and their evil seed on the day of His holy heavenly judgment and of wrath and vengeance, the Great I AM, the GOD of all universal powers and of all powers of nature and all powers in the visible and invisible realms/dimensions, YHWH-Elohim : The Father, The Son and the Holy Ghost, which are One.

“Amen. Hallelu-YHVH-Elohim. Amen. ” ; Says the Spirit of GOD.

Prophecy received on the 22.08.2021. by The Candle / The Voice in The Wind / Jean Schoonbroodt. NL. EU.

GOD says : My Holy Ghost reveals right now world-wide…

This says GOD YHVH, the GOD of Israel and of creation :

“Hear, ye who have ears to hear and a heart/spirit/mind to understand and to trust and believe Our words by grace, through by Us in you created faith… that will overcome this evil world-system of these last days before the return of My True Mashiach/Christ/Anointed One from heaven, Yeshua / Jesous / Jesus. I AM. Many of you knew already many years ago what would come. But many, like also today, often deny or reject messages from Us, because out of fear… or unbelief… or being little of faith. I AM. Many even was taught that they would never experience the fufillment op Revelation chapter 13. during their lives on earth. But they were taught in a wrong way. Many teachers in churches even erred… and even were not willing to accept anymore that people would have… or speak about… revelations or prophecies or revealing dreams about the endtime and the fulfillment of many biblical prophecies and revelations in their own life… here and now on earth. I AM. Still I AM the Supreme Heavenly Commander of all universal powers and forces in the visible and invisible realms/dimensions/universes/worlds. I AM. I created them all… and no-one else. I AM. Many heard this before, but were not willing to acknowledge Me as their GOD and Holy Heavenly Father and Savior and Judge. I AM. Well… now I will reveal everything concerning these last days and near future, for I AM the GOD of Truth and LIGHT and Heavenly Eternal Glory. I AM. My holy Ghost is revealing right now worldwide the reality that you are living in NOW ! All His gifts are now activ to show all that I AM GOD… and that all fall short of the glory of God, for all sinned/transgressed My holy commandments. I AM. Many fell away… or were lead astray by those who were disobedient and rebellious towards My holy Ghost and His teachings, leading, guidance and revelations and prophecies and prophetic/revealing dreams or visions beside the bible, which added all to the holy scriptures that was neccessary in My holy Eyes to complete the understanding of the things that were / are written by My holy anointed ones of the Old Testament and the New Covenant. I AM. Still some remain stubborn. If I would not lead them to repentance, than they would destroy their own lives… and that of many others. I AM. At this moment world-wide many are awakened to the facts and reality they see. Many are concerned about their lives, health and their future. But if they are not concerned about their eternity, than it might happen that they choose for 666, by which they will go lost for all eternity. I AM. Therefore I urge all and warn all not to take the name, number, mark, sign, charagma / stigma / insertion with sharp pointed objects/injections in/on the right hand/arm nor in nor on the forehead/frontal lob, whereby one becomes part of the anti-divine / anti-God and anti-christian world-empire of the Beast… and its false prophet… connected with and inoculated in the Beast-Computer-System, the internet of all things aka www.= 666. Hear and understand the prophecies and their explanation by My Holy Ghost, by the prophet that writes here under My holy leading and guidance the TRUTH, that will save them that read, hear and understand… and remain faithful to Me and My revealed words in these holy prophetic words, revealing teachings in My and Jesus Christ / Yeshua ha Mashiach’s holy saving names and powerfull Holy Ghost. I AM. ” ; Says the LORD GOD Almighty, the great I AM of all universal powers and beings.

Prophecy by The Voice in The Wind / The Candle / Jean Schoonbroodt. NL. EU.


Endtime : Revelation 13… explained by GOD…

Prophetic explanation of Rev.13.


This is what GOD says:

“Behold, I know You and who You are. You have not fully acknowledged Me in My will for Your life. Many have already taken the injections of the Beast mentioned in Rev. 13. and will experience the result of their association with 666, as mentioned in Rev. 14. You have often been warned, but did not believe that you were already living in the end times. Error teachings in the Churches were held firmly. The Jesuits were believed more than My holy prophets and revelators and apostles… and those who researched: A. The end times B. Things of 666 and the connection to Rev 13.. Already in the eighties, and the decades after, I already warned through those who knew what would come to mankind and Christianity. Nevertheless, many rejected them. That is why almost all have already adopted 666… ​​and thus opted for the anti-Christian Mammon- system. Many bought and sold, because of their affiliation with 666 in the worldwide barcode in which 666 processed sat/sits. Many became one with the money-bank-trading system of the Beast, which already had 666 in their international and national-international-linked-bank accounts as well. Also in all IDs linked to 666 and the world -wide-web of the money system, the Image of the Beast-Internet-Computing-system linked to and connected to the barcode and the barcode 666-system. All are already on and in 666. And it is in their right hand through the passes, id-s and all other official instant documents and papers etc. All have the pin-code in their forehead (learned by heart), which is linked to the pass linked to 666 of the total banking world. The entire digital world is linked to 666. The image of the Beast is both the supercomputer in Brussels… as well as other Internet-Beast-System-super-computers and servers-providers-browsers and all internet-devices, to internet www. (in Hebrew this is wav-wav-wav- = 666) affiliated and linked/connected modern technology and communication tools. You are in the Beast of Rev. 13 and You sit in the Image of the Beast… with the spirit that speaks ( = all TV and internet-image systems and means of communication ) and that  teaches all / demands of all… to take the name or the number of the name or his charagma and stigma / mark / sharp point inserted / injected “vomin” of The Old Snake/ Satan/Lucifer / The Red Dragon… or applied as a possible electronic tattoo ( made with a sharp or edging thing)  or as a micro-chip ( between your right thumb and pointing-finger) or as a hydrogel-sharp-point/pallisade-needle plaster with nanotechnology on your right hand or on your forehead. This Image of the Beast makes in this way… or manipulates… that all…  will have or will take the seed of the snake or that they will inject you, so that it reaches your will-center / spiritual heart, located in your frontal lobe of your brain, so that it will control you through the 4G and 5G and 6G and later 7G radiation… and you become a robot-human… controlled by those who control this anti-Christian world system, which is led by Satan/Lucifer and the fallen angels and demons and unclean spirits. I AM. See, the current “rescue” – injections against the “virus” is the means of choice to even bring the Beast into your body… and thereby make you one with the Artificial-Intelligence-Beast -system, so that it takes total control over and in your body, if you survive the Ancient Serpent’s syringes and other “venom” injections. Billions of people will not survive the injections if they take her/them… and the survivors will become cyborgs/robots, who can no longer control their own will as they want. The end of the real human being is near. Only those who have been chosen by Me from before the foundation of creation and predestined to escape this Beast system… to step out… and not go with it, will indeed be unable to buy or sell, but  I will take care of them… if it is My will that they remain alive for a while… or till the day My Son returns from heaven to save them. Yet all other people/saints will be persecuted… and imprisoned and die a martyr’s death. I AM. Behold, the Beast-World-Empire (UN) and the false prophet of Rome will persecute them… and the Beast-system, with all its eyes and ears and digital highways, will track them down and eventually “clean up” all. See, the concentration-/education-/labour-/re-education/”greenzone”-camps have already been set up… and will be further expanded… to eliminate all opponents… and/or The Beast-World-Empire will cause wars to “wipe out” many, who stand in the way of their international globalist vision. I AM. Behold, You live fully in the fulfillment of Rev. 13. He who neither saw nor sees… is seeing blind and hearing deaf… or ignorant… or hardened towards the truth which proceeds from Me. I AM. Behold, the false prophet, the beast out of the earth with the two horns like a lamb and who speaks as a dragon… is the little horn of Daniel 7.  is the man of Rome who sits there on his throne… and receives audiences, with whom all kings and rulers of the earth commit spiritual adultery, and who is the high priest of The Whore Babylon… and whose number of his Latin titles are 666. All the kings and rulers of the earth have to bow for him… and get instructions by him in the hidden chambers. I AM. He has been making fire fall from heaven for decades, so that all may honor/worship/idolize and obey the Image of the Beast. He invaded and invades countries, with armies of nations, who would not submit to him and the Beast and the Image of the Beast… or would not accept them in their lands… or were not willing to accept the modern digital means of communication of the Beast-system in their lands, for they saw it as being sorcery, which it is in reality in My Holy Eyes. For they rob the spiritual virginity of the people on earth by their evil and wickedness… and schemes to lead all to eternal destruction and suffering and second death. See : Revelation 14 ; 8-13. “ ; Says the LORD GOD Almighty, the GOD of the universes, the great I AM, YHVH-Elohim. “These armies, led by the anti-christ through the leaders of those nations, then had / will have/ or will (to) wage war against these nations… or in those countries, throwing bombs / fire from heaven on the people, who would not/will not accept his Image of The Beast-System-communication. This false prophet, with his international power, this little horn of Daniel 7, stayed/remains in power until WE put an end to his rule and reign and that of the Beast and their armies and world power… at the return of Jesus Christ / Yeshua ha Mashiach from heaven on the Mount of Olives, east of Jerusalem in Israel, to save the remnant of Israel from them. This little horn, under religious guise, was / is given all power… and will temporarily rule over all nations, peoples, and tribes and kindreds of the earth… until Our Decrees are completed… and the true sons of God’s are revealed… and also those who are not, but are the sons of Satan/Lucifer and of the false prophet and of the Beast-system. I AM.” : Speaks the LORD GOD Almighty, the GOD of creation, the GOD of Israel, YHVH-Elohim, The Great Universal I AM.

Prophecy dated 18.08.2021. Received by Jean Schoonbroodt. NL. EU.

The Voice in The Wind / The Candle.

1 Thess. 5 ; 18-20.

ATTENTION ! Video which confirms the danger of the injections !!!

First posted on Bitchute.com on the 09.09.2021.

Stew Peters interviews Dr. Robert Young, specialised in research.

The Word of GOD to Israel in these last days…

This says GOD YHVH, the GOD of Israel and creation :

“Hear ye Israelites and State of Israel in the Middle-East, I AM your GOD and Redeemer in My holy Mashiach/Anointed One, the Son of Me, the Living GOD of all of the created ones. I AM. I spoke by My Ghost/Ruach Hakodesh My words that created the heavens and the earth. I AM. I AM the GOD of all living created beings. I AM. I AM the GOD of all spirit-beings in the visible and invisible worlds/universes/realms/dimensions that I created by My Word. I AM the Invisible One, who always existed and who always will exist, who has the power to destroy complete universes or to call again new universes into existence. I AM the GOD who also spoke to Moses/Moshe and Aäron… and who lead by them My people of Israel out of the captivity of the king of Egypt, Pharao. I AM. Are you aware of this holy fact and reality ? I AM. Are you willing to provoke Me by your disobedience and evil and wicked ways in unbelief, while denying Me and My True Mashiach, who already was among you in the past… as the son of men and the Son of GOD, the “carpenterson” Yeshua Hinoshri, born at Bethlechem-Ephratha in Judaä according to the holy prophecies of My holy former prophets ? I AM. You should now these facts and fulfillment of the former prophecies concerning the Mashiach/Messiah/Anointed One. But your leaders rejected Him… and even betrayed Him… and accused Him with false witnesses, because they were jealous. For He had authority… and all went after Him and they were healed from all illnesses… and their sins were forgiven by Him, for He walked and talked and taught by / in My Authority… and performed many powers and miracles and threw demons and evil spirits out of posessed people of Israel in those days, when He walked among them as Imannuel. I AM. Still they refused and rejected Him, while being tempted by Satan, when His time had come… and they even demanded, as the spiritual leaders of Israel, that He would be given over into the hands of the gentiles / goyim to be crucified / nailed to the wood of curses. But without knowing it they fulfilled My holy promisses… concerning the work of salvation that I had prepared… to save Israel and creation out of the powers of darkness and condemnation and out of the judgments, that I had to fulfill because of their evil and iniquity and wickedness and godlessness and unbelief and disobedience towards My holy words /Thora. I AM. The Innocent Perfect One… was lead to Golgatha/Calvery like a lamb to be slain for the sins of Israel and creation. He, the Star of Jacob / the King of the Jews/ The Lion of Juda was judged and condemned for the sins of Israel and of creation… to restore the peace between Me and them. For since the sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden mankind lost its peace between Me and them and was rejected… and only by the sacrifices brought to Me and their blood they knew that an innocent one had to die for their evil and guilt… so that the peace would be restored… and they could again have fellowship with Me, like Adam and Eve had before they took from “the tree of the knowledge of good and evil” in Eden. But all these sacrifices were just shadow-images of the True Redeemer and Savior and True Sacrifice, that would save their souls/lives for all eternity : Yeshua Hinoshri Wamalech Hayehuddim / The Lamb of GOD, that I gave to reconcile and forgive and to save all who believe in Him… and follow Him till the end… and keep trusting in this atoning work of salvation that He did to save many from past, present and future. I AM.” : Thus says the LORD GOD of Israel, the Great I AM.

Prophecy 15.08.2021. Received by The Voice in The Wind / The Candle / Jean ( = French for Yochanan / John) Martin Peter Schoonbroodt. NL. EU.

The Word of GOD concerning this endtime…

This says GOD YHVH, the GOD of creation and of Israel :

“Hear, ye nations and tribes of the earth, I AM the GOD who brought and will bring judgments upon you, because you left Me. I AM. Many of you heard about Me or even listened to the preachings and teachings of My holy Words and the Good News / Gospel of Salvation. Alas many rejected it. Well, I AM GOD and a Good Shepherd to all My sheep of My flock. I AM. But I AM also the GOD of judgment and of Holy Wrath / Holy Anger and Holy Vengeance towards the evil ones, who are not willing to accept My heavenly and universal Reign in the heavens and on and in the earth. I AM. Many who were or are or remain stubborn will experience the consequences of their words and deeds… and even punishment or judgments or temporary chastisements… if neccessary. I AM. My grace is still sufficient to supply all that My holy people need in times of distress or persecution or kinds of tribulation to overcome, and so they will keep following Me in My holy Son Jesus the Christ/Yeshua ha Mashiach, who is the Radiance of My Eternal Glory, The Expression of My heavenly glorious Being and The Carrier of the almighty powers of My almighty Ghost and His words… to cause whatever is on My and His mind/heart according to Our Holy will and Eternal Plan. I AM. His High Priesthood is glorious throughout all ages… till He returns as the GOD and Lord of all judgments… and wrath and vengeance… as it is also written in the holy scrolls of My former holy prophets, seeers, revelators and apostles… and taught by Our Holy Ghost by Our holy messengers and holy scrolls and holy witnesses, who preached, teached, prophesied, revealed, dreamed or had nightvisions which they shared, evangelised… or shepherded Our flock… and made known to mankind in this temporary creation. I AM. My holy grace will supply the true sheep with the love and care and goodness and power to accept Us… as We are in reality… and Our holy will for their lives to overcome this evil and wicked and godless, and by Satan and Lucifer and the fallen ones, ruled anti-christ-/other mashiach-/other christ-world. I AM. My True saints will follow My Son Yeshua ha Mashiach/Jesus the Christ till the end… to enter one day eternal glory with Us. I AM. Be prepared for persecution. For persecution of the true saints was, is… and will come and remain upon the earth. I AM. Blessed are all who remain faithfull till the end. I AM. My chosen ones / elected ones, from before foundation of creation, will overcome this evil, by Satan/ Lucifer and the fallen ones, ruled world- and Beast-world-Mammon-Money-system, connected to the name and number and the mark, charagma / stigma (= carving, etching, applied / inserted / injected with a sharp pointed object and associated with / connected with … or being 666, which is the sum of the number of the name of the beast out of the the earth / the false prophet, who reigns and rules the Beast out of the Sea / todays temporary World-Kingdom… by his false church and his “high priesthood” of her… and of the Whore Babylon, the great mystery… and being the “peter”/ interpreter of old scriptures of religions… interpreter and explainer and defender of the mysteries of the religions, who wants to create and maintain a world- unity, where he is their leader and the “lord” or “father” of all… and all should bow before him / pay homage / honor / venerate and glorify / worship him… and recognize him as the “supreme ” on earth. This false prophet with his “apostolic / prophetic succession” is the man who persecuted throughout all ages the True Saints, of Me the Living GOD, and who wanted throughout all ages adoration and obedience of all, while sitting on his throne in Rome and desiring total control over all. Now in these last days he has the Image of the Beast, which is given a spirit, that will demand that all who are not willing to honor / worship / glorify him or his image… nor are willing to obey him nor his image nor his/their instructions nor are willing to accept his name, number, mark / injections and seal in there hand or forehead ( 1) … will not be capable to buy or sell… and will be persecuted, gathered… and slain / beheaded in their imprisonment camps. I AM. All who will follow him and take his name, number, mark… or the sum of his number of his name on… or into… their bodies will be sealed by Satans/Lucifers seal… to their eternal condemnation… and will be thrown by Me and My Son and Holy Ghost and True saints and Our holy angels into the second death, the lake of brimstone and fire, where they will be tormented day and night into all eternity. I AM.”

Prophecy related to the Word of God of the bible.

Daniel 7.

The little horn / anti christ /other christ / false mashiach / false messiah / false anointed one and false prophet / the beast out of the earth that looks like a lamb with two horns, but speaks as a dragon. Rev. 13.

He came to power, after he that hindered that he would come to power/would be revealed (the last Roman emperor / Ceasar) was done / taken away / died. Than the Roman Empire of Europe fell apart into 2 feet with 10 toes / 10 kingdoms / 10 horns of the Image / Beast, that Nebukadnessar saw in a vision, and out of these 10 suddenly a little horn appeared and destroyed three kingdoms… and took power and spoke blasphemous words to Him who sits on the Throne in heaven and his holy ones… till the day of Gods Judgment came / will come… and he was destroyed and thrown into fire.

Those who follow this little horn till the end will also be thrown into eternal fire after being judged by the almighty One and his Son and saints and Ghost and words. Rev. 14.

This little horn dominated… and still dominates all nations, by lies, deceit, seduction and betrayal, but looks like a lamb with two horns ( = horns is powers or gifts ) but its spiritual father is Satan/ Lucifer, father of all lies and the murderer of all of mankind… and the Seducer, who tries to take all with him in the falling away from GOD YHVH to their eternal destruction… and suffering in the second death / lake of brimstone and fire.

Prophecy and explanation by God’s grace through Jean M.P. Schoonbroodt. / The Candle / The Voice in The Wind. NL. EU. 13.08.2021.


Added on 10.09.2021.

By The Voice in The Wind / The Candle / Jean M.P. Schoonbroodt. NL. EU.

Today we have the restored Roman Empire ( UN) … (Revelation 13. + 14.+17+18)

of ( 10 toes) 10 horns / 10 krowns / 10 powers / 10 kingdoms, according to Revelation 13. , with 7 heads = 7 elders / leading persons ( G7), with still the man of Rome in power since 1974. The Club of Rome has divided the world in 10 regional kingdoms since 1974 … and has since that day already created the New world Order… and has implemented already, since that day, in their global vision this New World Order- anti-GOD YHVH and anti-christ/anti-mashiach- Beast-system… that wants total control over all of the world.

If you look at the logo of the UN, than you will see a laurel / laurel wreth.That laurel stands for Victory. And was carried on the head of Roman ceasars, who where victorious over their enemies.

Conclusion : The NEW WORLD ORDER HAS NOT TO BE CREATED, but exists already a long period… and is just by them perfected to establish all that they will… and have to do according to God’s revelation and holy will… as revealed by GOD himself in the Book of Revelation.

This says GOD YHVH, the Almighty One :

“I AM the One who revealed this secret of Revelation to all that I empowered by My Holy Ghost to stand firm in the gap between the liars and deceivers of the NWO… and the saints of this age. I AM. For My Heavenly Glorious Everlasting Kingdom is not of this temporary evil world. I AM.;

Says the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, the GOD of creation, the GOD of the True Spiritual Israel, the GOD of the heavens and the earth and of all that is in it… and of all holy prophets and apostles and saints of past, present and future, the Great I AM, who also spoke to Moses… the meek and humble and mighty Man of GOD.

Addition and explanation and short prophecy by God’s grace through Jean M.P. Schoonbroodt. / The Candle / The Voice in The Wind. NL. EU. 10.09.2021.