This says YHWH/YHVH/The LORD GOD :

‘Hear, ye nations, I AM GOD, the Almighty One. I AM not amused by those who amuse people without accepting My holy righteousness. I AM. Many seek the things of this world to become famous or adored… as if they were/are gods or godesses. But I AM the Only Almighty One, who was, is.. and is to come in My holy Image/Tabernacle/Temple, called Immanuel or Jahshua ha Mashiach/Jesus the Christ. I AM. Never before… people existed… till I created them. They are My invention and not the invention of themselves… nor the product of evolution. I AM. They didn’t create Me… nor am I a product of their fantasy or of religious deceit. I AM.’ ; Says the Lord GOD, The Almighty One, the GOD of Israel and creation.

Prophecy 30.01.2021. Received by The Candle / Jean Schoonbroodt.NL.EU.

GOD speaks to the “experts” …

This says GOD YHWH to the experts in… technology, theology, politic, defense, ideology, philosophy, medicine, pharmacy, economical and cultural and financial and religious… deceit :



“Hear, ye experts in all these areas of life, I know who you are and where you are. I know your secrets or “illuminated knowledge” inspired by the “true” illuminated ones by their lord and god Lucifer/Satan, who behaved and behaves as an angel of light, but is the father of all lies and betrayal and deceit and of evil and wicked schemes and of murder and the Satanic inspired New World Order-agenda’s, which are godless and lawless although they and you speak about the “rule of law”, but deny the laws themselves/yourselves… that they/you threw like a spidersweb… www.666… of an international net… internet… over the people…. to catch them in their/your snares, so that they/you can control or erase/eliminate them, when they will start to turn against their/your evil and wickedness and frauduleus and corrupt bloodshedding anti-GOD and anti-Christ/anti-Mashiach Whore Babylon and Beast-reign-world-global-system… that was/is only concerned about Big Money, Wealth, and power and Satans/Lucifers plan. Many people start to see the corruption and evil among you people in high positions… and you know it. So you will do anything that is possible to stay in your power-situation, even if it is neccessary to erase billions of people, according to your plans and schemes and agenda’s. And I, GOD YHWH, even allow you to do it… to reveal who the sons of Satan are and who are the sons of Me, the GOD of the heavens and the earth, the True Almighty One of creation, the great “I AM”, who spoke to Moses and all other holy prophets, seers, revelators and holy apostles and messengers and witnesses from past, present and future and to all My true saints. I AM. But My holy people will war against you by the Sword of My Holy Spirit, THE WORD OF GOD, which is sharper than each two-edged sword… and it will pierce through your innermost being to separate marrow from bones, and soul from spirit and will be YOUR JUDGE… and there is NO WEAPON AGAINST MY JUDGE. I AM the Invisible and Invincible GOD of the heavens and the earth and the GOD of the True Israel of GOD. I AM. Soon I will show you My powers in creation, when I will make an end to your temporary reign. I AM. For soon I will send Him who was, is and always will be… who was with Me from the Beginning, yes, even before foundation of creation. I AM. You know His name : Jesus The Christ, the King of the Jews, the King above all kings and the LORD above all lords. I AM. HE IS the Radiance of My Glory, the Expression of My holy Eternal GODly Being and the Carrier of My almighty powerfull words of My almighty Ghost/Spirit, by which I created the heavens and the earth, the visible and invisible realms/dimensions/material and spirit-worlds, universes… or by My words called into existence ones. I AM.” ;

Says the Almighty One of creation and of Israel, who is faithfull to His Words written in His holy scrolls/scriptures/books of His Holy Messengers from past, present and future.

Prophecy received by Jean Schoonbroodt. NL. on the 06.12.2023.

GOD reveals what happened… and happens to the enemies of Israel…

This says GOD to the nations, who are envious towards the “Illuminated”-Israel :

“You are willing to destroy the State of Israel… or its inhabitants or leaders, but you forgot that I, YHWH-GOD, AM the GOD of the heavens and the earth, who re-established the land for the Jews and the Israelites, the members of the twelve tribes of Israel who I knew from before foundation of creation. Among the evil or wicked people in Israel there are real holy people who live in a GOD-fearing way. They are the Holy Remnant, that I will save for eternity… and that I will save from the enemies around them… or even of those who will, in future days, invade the nation/State of Israel. I AM. For I will reveal Myself to the nations and their armies on the day that they will gather their armies against Israel to destroy Israel complete. And know that I AM and never lie. I will destroy all their armies completely. Because I will never allow them to destroy My chosen ones to whom I promissed the land that I mentioned and promissed to their father Abraham in his days… as you can read in the Book Bereshit/Genesis. I AM. Meanwhile I beated/hit the nations, that were willing to erase the Jews and the Israelites and all true GOD-fearing people, with earthquakes, floods, disasters, plagues, pestilencies, deseases, illnesses, mental breakdowns, revolutions, wars, increasing crimes, and giving their fortunes/wealth into the hands of their enemies. etc. All forces of nature and all powers in the earth, in the sky and the universe are under My Supervision and under My control according to My Words, Holy Will and Holy Plan and My Time-Awareness and My Holy Heavenly Agenda. All who deny this fact and reality will start to become rebellious towards Me and My Holy Reign and towards My Eternal Appointed King above all kings and Lord above all lords  : Yahushua HaMashiach /  Jesous Christos / Jesus The Christ, The Living One, The Son of GOD, The Word of GOD that became flesh and blood.” ;


Says the LORD GOD Almighty, YHWH-Elohim, the GOD of creation, the great universal “I AM”.

Received by Jean M.P. Schoonbroodt. NL./ The Voice in The Wind of Ruach HaKodesh/Holy Breath of GOD/ Holy Ghost.



God kondigt aan…

GOD spreekt…

Dit zegt GOD :

“Zie, IK keer spoedig terug naar de aarde in Mijn Beeld/Zoon Yeshua HaMashiach/Jesous Christos/Jezus De Christus, het vleesgeworden woord van GOD, de Logos, die de uitstraling is van Mijn heerlijkheid, de afdruk van Mijn wezen en de drager van de woorden van Mijn almachtskrachten. IK BEN.” ;

Spreekt de HERE YHWH,

de Almachtige, de Heerser en Koning der tijdperken/eeuwen, de Alpha en de Omega, de Eerste en de Laatste.


Ontvangen door de Stem in de Wind.

GOD speaks to Israel… in these days of tensions and war.

This says GOD YHWH to Israel in these days of tensions and war :

“Hear, o Israel, in your midst are chosen ones, a remnant that I will protect against the enemies. Not all Israelites are real Israelites, but only those who are born again out of water and Spirit of GOD. I AM. They walk according to the Spirit of GOD and His leading and do My works among the people and nations. I AM. They are the True Israel of GOD. I AM. I spoke and revealed Myself to Moses, the man of GOD, that I sent to Egypt to deliver Israel out of the power of Pharao of Egypt. I AM.” ;

Says The Almighty One of Israel, YHWH-Elohim, the Elohim above all elohim, the Only True GOD of the heavens and the earth, the Great “I AM”.

Prophecy by The Candle /Menorah / The Voice in The Wind.



GOD speaks to the nations in 2023 and 2024.

This says GOD to the nations in 2023 and 2024 :


“You were very anxious about what would or will happen. But I tell you : Fear Me and quit with your godless lifestyle and with your evil and wickedness… otherwise I will pour out further judgments upon you. I AM. For I AM the Holy GOD of the True Israel… according to the Spirit of GOD living in obedience to Me and My Good News… among all bad news. I AM. For I AM the True GOD of creation… and I will not spare you, if you remain stubborn towards My holy call and holy prophecies. I AM. Blessed are all who know Me as I AM in reality… and who acknowledge Me in/on all their ways, while being led by My Holy Ghost and/or holy angels. I AM. Woe to all who remain stubborn and were/are not willing to learn from Me and My Holy Son Yeshua HaMashiach / Jesous Christos / Jesus The Christ. I AM. For We will judge the living and the dead by Our Holy Words on Our Day for them. I AM. Glory, Glory, Glory in all eternity to those who believe, trust and obey and follow Us till the end. I AM.” ;

Says The Almighty One of creation, the great “I AM”, who spoke to Moses… the man of GOD.

Prophecy by The Wind of GOD’s Breath.   13.11.2023.

Jezus Christus spreekt… tot de afgevallenen. ( Dutch.NL.)

Dit zegt Jezus De Christus, de Goede Herder van Zijn schapen, tot de afgevallenen van de Laodicea-/eindtijd-kerken :

“Zie, Ik heb u allen het evangelie verkondigd door Mijn Geest en woord en dienaren van de Geest van GOD. Toch hebt gij allen de Mammon meer liefgehad dan Mij.
Zodoende heb IK u uitgespuugd. Nu lijdt gij allen in uw geest en ziel en lichaam onder Mijn toorn…. verwachtende de tweede dood. IK BEN.” ;

Spreekt de Zoon van GOD, die in het vlees en bloed kwam en die de Ware Gezalfde/Mashiach/Christus van GOD is.

Ontvangen door JMPS. / De Kandelaar.

GOD speaks to the children of men…


This says the GOD of all flesh and blood and all spirits and of all material/visible and invisible realms/dimensions/worlds/universes/

the by the words of  God called into existence ones :


“Hear, ye children of men, soon I will reveal the goats and the sheep. Many are already revealed to My chosen ones. Now I will show to all who My real sons and daughters are and who are not. For I AM GOD and no-one else is as/like I AM. I created the heavens and the earth. I was before the foundation of creation. I AM the One who called all into existence… and not you weak and proud people. I AM. Therefore the end is near. I AM. For many wanted to be My holy sheep, but were not. Many wanted to be sons and daughters of My Heavenly Fatherhouse, but were not, but just religious… but not chosen by Me to be My eternal glorified sons and daughters and little children. I AM. For I knew all already from before foundation of creation. I knew you all… and I decided already from before foundation of creation who would be My holy sheep and who not. I chose and I will choose who will be saved… and not mankind itself. For I AM the real Supreme Ruler and King, who decides who I want to be My eternal inheritants and real co-workers in the earth to be and remain My holy vessels of mercy and grace and love and truth… and who will overcome this evil and wicked godless world, that is enslaved to evil lusts and is Mammon-focussed and therefore took the name, number, number of the name and mark/charagma/stigma(ata) of the false prophet and the Beast, which is 666. I AM. Blessed are all who accept that I AM the One who chose and chooses who I want to save or not. All the other people are just false teachers and false prophets. For they make the gospel again to a religious teaching, that makes people think that they can save themselves. I AM. I chose and choose who I AM willing to be gracious and merciful or not. It is not up to men’s choice to be saved, but it is My holy choice from eternity. I AM. I will fulfill My holy will and plan in creation and in the lives of people according to My holy choices and decisions. I AM. Blessed are all that I chose and blessed and predestined to eternal glory from the beginning till the day of eternal glory with Me and My beloved and glorified Son Yeshua HaMashiach/ Jesus The Christ. I AM. For they are the ones who really were/are/remain reconciled to Us by His precious Blood on the cross of Calvery and on the place of reconciliation on the Ark of the Covenant on Golgatha/Calvery and in heaven. I AM.” ;

Speaks the LORD and GOD of creation, the Almighty One, the great “I AM”, the GOD of Israel and of all universal powers and authorities and of all flesh and blood and bones and of all spirits and of all living creatures/created beings… that have breath of life.

The Voice in The Wind of Holy Ghost / The Candle / Jean Schoonbroodt. NL. Vlijmen.