This says GOD YHVH, the Almighty One, the Ruler above all… and in creation, The God of Israel :

Hear, ye inhabitants of the earth, I AM GOD and I AM the Almighty One, who loves My creation, but who hates evil and godlessness and all the evil that separates people from Me and My love and grace and mercies and holy gospel of saving grace and of reconciliation. I AM. Many proclaim to speak the truth, but are liars and seducers and deceivers. I AM. Therefore I will speak here to you, so that you can get to know the True Gospel of saving goodness of Me and My holy Son Yeshua ha Mashiach/ Jesus the Christ and of Our holy prophets and apostles and evangelist and shepherds and teachers and holy witnesses, who were/are anointed with Holy Ghost and who were/are born again and sealed with the promised holy Ghost, who is the Spirit of Truth, who lead/will lead them and you into all the truth, which can save all who believe in Us and Our words. I AM. Many proclaim that they are ministers, but when they deny Our Truth… or preach or teach another gospel/good news than the One We revealed and prophesied and taught and preached by our Holy Ghost by Our faithful ones and their holy scriptures… than they are seduced or deceived or themselves seducers or deceivers. I AM. You are living in the end-time/last days before the return of My Son Jesus the Christ/Yeshua ha Mashiach. I AM.

Prophecy 30.05.2020. Received by The Candle.

God’s Love…

This says GOD YHVH :

Hear, ye nations, there is no GOD but Me that can save. I AM the I AM. The Almighty One. I AM the Father of creation. I AM the GOD and Father of all true prophets and apostles and holy people/saints. I AM the GOD and Father of Yeshua ha Mashiach/Jesous Christos/Jesus the Christ/Christo Jesu. I AM. I AM the GOD and Father of My holy Israel. I AM. My holy Israel are the true warriors of GOD, who lived and live according to My holy Ghost and gift of faith and words… and who believed/believe and hoped/hope and trusted/trust My holy promises concerning The Mashiach/The Anointed One/The Christ, who would come/came/will come to save Israel from their sin and enemies… and to restore My heavenly Kingdom to them. I AM. Many of the 12 tribes of Israel will be lead to acknowledge this fact and reality by means of My holy heavenly goodness or grace and truth/words. I AM. Many of the nations will also be lead to acknowledge His return. For the days are near, that the true Mashiach will descent from heaven with His holy heavenly armies of holy saints and holy angels to Jerusalem in Israel, according to Our words and prophecies and revelations. For He was already on earth in the past and already fulfilled His/My work to save many from their sin… and to reconcile Israel and all of creation to Me, so that I would and will forgive them their sin/transgressions of My words/Thora/teachings/laws… and will lead them, by My holy Ghost, to repentance by means of grace and My heavenly truth and love and giving goodness and tender mercies. I AM. For I AM the Living GOD, who is Light and Love and Ghost… and who so loved/loves creation, so that whoever believes in Me and My Mashiach, will not go lost for eternity, but will have everlasting life. I AM. For I will justify all because of His saving work. For He became the Lamb of God, who took all sin of creation and My holy judgment and wrath and eternal punishment over their sin, which they did out of unbelief and weakness and out of ignorance concerning Our righteousness, upon His spirit, soul and body, so that all who believed/believe in Him… would/will not be condemned anymore, but will be justified by Us. I AM. His flesh and blood/crucified body on the wood of curse of Calvery/Golgatha was the ransom for all the precious souls of mankind, to save them for all eternity, unless they would reject this saving work to their own damnation. I, the Lord GOD, Adonai YHVH, AM.

Prophecy 29.05.2020. Received by The Candle.

The Almighty Ones…

This says YHWH, The GOD of Israel, to the nations :

Hear, ye nations, I AM GOD, the Creator of the heavens and the earth. I AM. Many heard this before, but forgot it. But I AM the GOD of revelation and prophecy and the GOD who remembers people the fact, that I AM. Many scholars are deceived and seduced and are even themselves seducers and deceivers, when they are not willing to hear what My Voice and Spirit and word says. I AM. For iniquity fills the earth… and many are filled with evil when they are not willing to submit to Me and My Son and Our Spirit and words. I AM. For We are YHVH-Elochim, the YHWH-GODS. We are The Ones who are in charge of the things that exist, according to Our plan and holy will and heavenly agenda. I AM. Many on earth have their agenda, but are not always aware of Our agenda and time-schedules. I AM. WE are The Elochim/Gods of creation. We are the Ones, who have created time as a dimension, in which you are living according… to Our plan and gifts and talents and possibilities to create. We are the Elohim above all elohim. And even when some of you behave like gods or goddesses… or want to be like Us… or want to be admired and worshipped like gods or goddesses, than We are still the GODS of the universes, who are the Almighty Ones. All honor and true glory and worship will be given to Us, even by those who are not willing to accept Us as their LORDS and GODS and Holy Almighty Masters. For We will work out, that every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that We are the Elohim above all elohim, the GODS above all gods and the Kings and Rulers of the heavens and the earth, the Lords above all lords. We are I AM. Many will hear Our Voice coming to their hearts by Our Spirit or spirits/angels or messengers or words in these last days, so that all will know that WE ARE. I, YHVH-ELOCHIM, AM.

Prophecy 26.05.2020. Received by The Candle.

The King… and the Way into His Kingdom…

This says GOD YHWH/YHVH :

Hear, ye people of these last days, I AM the GOD of creation, MY creation. I AM. Many of you heard about Me and My Son Yeshua ha Mashiach/Jesous Christos/Jesus the Christ. Still I AM longing to save you from the chains of hell. For many are deceived and seduced and chained to evil spirits. The Only One who can save you out of these bondages/chains is the GOD of the heavens and the earth, who I AM. My Ghost/Spirit is capable to do immeasurable more than you even can ask in prayer or even imagine in My and Jesus Christ’ holy powerful and mighty name. I AM. Many, who read or heard and believed My words, sometimes experienced it. Faithful ones/believers experience My love and grace and truth every day. I AM. Still I have to encourage and strengthen them, and all who call on My holy name or the holy name of My Son, every day… by My graceful Spirit and words/truth… to keep them walking by faith and not by sight. I AM. Faith is a gift of Me and My Son and of Our Holy Ghost/Spirit. By means of grace and truth and the gift of faith in Us… and Our words…. you are saved. Our work of salvation, on the cross/pole/wood of curse of Calvery/Golgatha IN the crucified Yeshua ha Mashiach/Jesus the Christ and His blood on the cross and on the ground… and on the Arc of the Covenant, made peace between you and Me. Now We offer you forgiveness of your sins and sinful nature… and eternal life as a free gift by means of faith in US and this saving work and fact/reality. You are justified by Us, because of Jesus’ reconciling work on the cross/pole/stake/wood of curse and on the Mercy-Seat on the Arc of the Covenant, which was hidden in a cave in the rock under the cross/pole.. I AM. My holy Son, died, was buried… and rose from the dead on the third day. He visited/appeared to His disciples in His resurrected body of flesh and bones… and spoke to them… and showed to them, that He was not a spirit but a human being, who ate bread in their presence. Fourty days later He met with His apostles/disciples on the Mount of Olives at Jerusalem in Israel, and was, while blessing them, taken up into heaven… and disappeared before their eyes in the clouds of the sky/heaven. I AM. Now He is seated at My Right Hand in heaven… as the High Priest/Intercessor/Advocate/Justifier of all who believe in Me and Him and Our saving work… and as the King of all kings and Despotes/Ruler above all rulers and Lord above all lords… and has got all powers and authority in the heavens and the earth. Therefore He sent and sends His apostles/messengers/disciples and prophets/seeers/revelators and evangelists and shepards and teachers and elders and deacons and believers and all His witnesses among Israel and the nations to prepare all for His return. For soon He will return in My holy glorious almighty powers and glory to judge the nations, when He will come down from heaven with His holy heavenly armies of holy angels and saints. For they will descent on the Mount of Olives at Jerusalem, where He was taken up into heaven, so that the prophecy will be fulfilled that was spoken by two holy angels/man in white robes, after He was caught up into the sky. This you can read in the Book of Acts chapter 1. He, the Son of GOD, the son of man, the Second and Last Adam, who is the Christ/Anointed One with Holy Ghost/Ha Mashiach is the Savior in My almighty powers of all who believe and who repent and who will be born again by means of water and Spirit of GOD, Adonai YHVH, who I AM. He is also the Savior of the remnant of Israel in those days. He will start the Kingdom of GOD visible on earth in those days, where He will be the promised King on the throne of David in Israel during thousand years, who will rule and reign all of creation in those days. And the Kingdom of God will be restored in those days to Israel… and all true Israelites and Jews will live in peace under My Wings in their promised holy Land of Israel. And the nations will not war anymore, but the peace of Us, YHVH-Elochim, will fill the earth. And this will be in those days the new earth and new heaven for those who will indwell this Holy Kingdom of YHVH/YHWH-GOD, like the prophet Isaiah prophesied. I, Adonai YHVH/YHWH – GOD, AM.

Prophecy 22.05.2020. Received by The Candle. ( J.M.P. Schoonbroodt. NL. EU.)

GOD and Jesus speak…

This says GOD :

“I AM the I AM, the GOD of creation. YHVH is My holy name forever. I AM. Many seek Me in these days, because of the iniquity they are confronted with. I AM. But the Revelation will be fulfilled. I AM. Many will follow the anti-christ/other christ and Beast in future days and will choose for the injection/mark/sign/name/number/sign/tattoo of the beast… and the number of his name is 666. They will be thrown into eternal suffering/second death. Their love for money, worldly pleasure and fulfillment and satisfaction and their will to stay alive… will lead them to eternal destruction and suffering. Jesus words will be fulfilled. He says by My Spirit/Ghost : “Those who love their earthly lives more than God’s truth… will choose for the lie of satan… and will become his slaves/sons and daughters… and will go lost for all eternity.”

Prophecy 19.05.2020. Received by The Candle.

God will convince…

This says GOD :

“I AM the I AM, the GOD of the heavens and the earth, the GOD of Israel, the GOD of creation. I AM. Many have heard about Me and My Reign in creation. Many did/do not believe Us nor Our words nor revelations nor prophecies nor dreams, for they were/are hardened in their hearts towards Us by means of the lies and deception, that were/are spread in creation by Satan and the evil spirits… and those who are their slaves. I, YHVH GOD, AM. Many were/are hardened, because of their own choices and rebellion against Our holiness and holy will or words. I AM. Many will be humiliated when they will be confronted with their evil and sinful nature and mindset and evil words and deeds. I AM. For We are the GODS/Elohim above all… and We will seek to lead all to repentance by means of Our holy Ghost, who will convince the world of sin, righteousness and judgement. I, Adonai YHVH-GOD, AM.”

Prophecy 18.05.2020. Received by The Candle.

The lawless one…

This says GOD YHVH, the Almighty One of creation :

“Hear, ye nations, I AM GOD and no-one else. Soon I will reveal the man of perdition in such a way, that all who believe My word will recognize him. For the time is near. Many know already who he is, but not all. Many will see him and will adore/worship him. Many will hear God’s voice coming to their heart, which will reveal to them that he is the son of perdition, the evil one, the lawless one. I AM. Many will fall into his technological and religious trap. Many inhabitants of the earth will follow him as “the great worldleader”, but he is the great seducer/deceiver of mankind. For all whose names are not written in “The Book of Life in heaven” will follow him to their eternal damnation. I AM.”

Prophecy 17.05.2020. Received by The Candle.

Many scholars are deceived/seduced…

This says YHVH-Elohim, the Almighty Ones of creation, the Elohim/Gods above all elohim/gods, YHVH-Elohim/YHVH-Gods :

Hear, ye ben-elohim/sons of the gods, I AM the Almighty One. I AM the Creator of all. No-one is capable to understand all secrets of creation, unless I will reveal it to him or her. But I almost never reveal all to one person, but I spread the True Knowledge and Holy Prophecies and Revelations during all ages among My faithfull ones, who believed Us. I AM. Many scholars think that they know much, but they err. I AM the Almighty and all-knowing and all-seeing GOD of My holy creation in the heavens and on/in the earth. I AM. No-one is capable to understand the greatness of My works, unless I reveal it to his heart or show it to him. I AM. Many scholars are even deceived/seduced by evil spirits, who also can give “knowledge” and “prophecies” and “revelations”, but always deny Me or My Holy Gospel/Word of GOD or My Holy Son Yeshua ha Mashiach/Jesus the Christ. I AM. My true holy spirits/holy angels always glorify Us, YHVH-Elohim : The FATHER, I AM YHVH, the Son Jesus the Christ/Yeshua ha Mashiach/YHVH saves the Anointed One… and the Holy Ghost/Ruach Hakodesh. We are One… and we are I AM.

Prophecy 14.05.2020. Received by The Candle.

The Protector…

This says GOD YHVH, the Almighty One of creation :

Hear, ye inhabitants of the earth, soon I will restore Israel according to My holy former prophecies. I AM. My holy wrath will be poured out upon their enemies, when they will try to devour them. I AM. For I AM the Protector of My holy remnant of Israel in the last days. For they will cry out to Me in those days and will shout : “Blessed is He, who comes in the name of YHVH.” I, the LORD GOD YHVH, AM.

Prophecy 13.05.2020. Received by The Candle.

The Wolve….

This says GOD YHVH :

In these days I see how the Beast is increasing in power to dominate all nations and tribes of the earth by means of her restrictions on mankind. Soon the anti-christ will take all power. He is a religious man, but not born again. He is an enemy of the cross of Christ Jesus/Yeshua ha Mashiach, although he will proclaim to be a minister of God. He is a man in white robes and the false prophet. He is already on earth, but not recognized as being the big deceiver of mankind. He speaks as a lamb, when he speaks to multitudes, but is a wolve in his heart. His heart is not willing to serve Me, the GOD of creation, although he behaves as an angel/messenger of light. He knows how to keep control over the Beast by his manipulation and powers who serve him. I, YHVH know him, for He often blasphemed Me and My holy Son and My holy heavenly powers and saints in heaven and on earth. I AM. Many adore him and admire him as being the “Great Christian Leader”, but he is a false “christ”, the son of perdition. He leads the kings of the earth and they all honor him and his god is Lucifer/satan. His “christ” is not My Christ Jesus. His dedication is to the evil one… and to Mammon/Money/wealth/luxury/worldpower under religious deceit. Many saints, through all ages, were killed by his predecessors. I AM. For their church was build on the blood of saints, which they slaughtered through all ages. I AM.

Prophecy 12.05.2020. Received by The Candle.

Many messengers throughout all ages..

This says GOD :

I, YHVH GOD, was activ during all ages by means of My Spirit and words and revelations and prophecies and dreams and visions and powers etc. “Still many were not reached with My gospel” , some said. But I tell you, that My works were throughout all ages… and all generations were reached with My holy gospel by My holy messengers. Many of them are denied by some history-writers. Many of them were slain like their Master. I AM. Many are now on the road for Me and Jesus the Christ/Yeshua ha Mashiach. I AM. Many preach and teach and… evangelize and prophesy and reveal and share dreams and testify about Us and their experiences with Us… and many are shepherds of the flock of Christ Jesus. I AM. But the time will come, that many will fall away from the truth of Our words and holy testimonies. I AM. Soon you will see it, when the Anti-Christ Beast-system will be revealed in all its satanic/luciferian deceiving evil powers. I AM.

Prophecy 08.05.2020. Received by The Candle.

Many testimonies…

This says GOD YHVH :

Hear, ye nations and tribes of the earth, I AM the GOD of grace and truth and Godly love and true Heavenly Peace and true righteousness and of reconciliation. I AM the GOD who saves people that call on My holy name. For I AM the GOD who cares for all. I AM. Although many don’t know Me, I AM still revealing Myself to them in different ways. I speak by My Spirit to their conciousness. I speak to them in dreams or night-visions or visions or in prophecies or revelations or even in the appearances of Me or of My holy Son Yeshua ha Mashiach/Jesous Christos/Jesus the Christ or of Our holy angels. I AM. Many had contact with My Son and holy saints in heaven after they died. Later on, when their spirit returned to their body, they testified about the heavenly things and the things they saw and heard and experienced. Many testimonies concerning these facts are spread as light in the darkness of this sinful world. I AM. And all of creation testifies about My holy everlasting existence, for I AM the Creator of all. Soon things will drastically change. Some are already prepared. Some not. Evil will even increase under the guidance of “world-peace” and “global-unity” and “world-governance” and a global-religion and “the battle against the invisible enemy”. Many powers are already activ to work this illusion out. Many things of their agenda is already published and is increasingly manifesting. Many long for strong leadership in times of distress or of disasters or pandemics or of catastrophe or rumors of war or of threats of war or impending wars or during times of war. Still I AM GOD. I AM the One who Reigns in the heavens and in the earth according to My holy plan and holy will and revealed words/prophecies or revelations. I AM. My word reveals past, present and future. Blessed are all who are awakened by My Holy Ghost and who are prepared for My holy coming. I AM. For Soon I will come in My holy Son, who is My holy Tabernacle/Temple of My almighty Spirit/Powers. I AM in Him and He is in Me. We are One.

Prophecy 07.05.2020. Received by The Candle.

Are we living in the Last Days/Endtime ?

This says GOD YHVH :

Hear, ye nations and tribes of the earth, I AM the One and Only True and Faithfull God who has a plan with this creation. I AM. Many of you are not aware of My holy plan. I AM. Therefore many err in darkness or are caught up in the temporary worries and anxieties of life. My holy plan is revealed in the holy scriptures of the biblia. I AM. Many are aware of the existence of these books/scrolls, but don’t read them nor are really interested in them. I AM. My holy Son Yeshua ha Mashiach will come back to the earth to Reign. Soon I will fulfill the things written in the book of Revelations/Apocalypse. Many see already how things are evolving towards the manifestation of it… and other people know already in which time of the Apocalypse they live… and some are aware of the fact that strange things are going on in creation. Many see and even look for signs to know in what part of the Apocalypse they are living. Many are not aware that they are living in the last days and in the endtime… and some are even promoting the things of the endtime to earn money from it or to make it ridiculous… or to promote their anti-christ agenda and to promote Luciferianism/Satanism as “The new uniting world-religion to bring peace and harmony and enlightement”. Some are even denying the facts… or My Being… and the time in which they live… in such a way, that they are deceiving the christians by means of the preaching that “There is no real prophecy and revelation anymore in these days”. They even use the bible and teach beautifull biblical teachings, but deny the fact that they are living in the endtime. They are like the religious leaders and the pharisees/scribes, who denied God’s power in the prophets and rejected their messages and the prophets… and even tried to silence them… or accused them of heresy… or of causing division… or of sectarism… or of being false prophets… or of being mentally ill… or threathened them… or even persecuted them and put them in prison… and they tortured them, to cause them to deny or renounce their holy message or Sender / LORD… and to make them to take over their religious error and to submit to them or to their “god”. Many prophets and apostles and holy ones were slain by them throughout all ages, like they did to their Holy Lord GOD and Master and Sender : Yeshua ha Mashiach/Jesus the Christ. I AM. The same things are happening in these last days/endtimes… and will happen in near future. I AM.

Prophecy 03.05.2020. Received by The Candle. ( J.M.P. Schoonbroodt. )

Jesus speaks to the Beast.

This says Jesus the Christ/Yeshua ha Mashiach to the New world Order :

Hear, ye liars and deceivers of the Beast/NWO, I know that you are sons of satan/lucifer. I know your hidden works. I know your secrets. I know your bloodshed. I see all and hear all you do. Everything is open and unveiled to Me. Nothing can and will be hidden, for I AM the GOD of exposure. I AM the One who activated/activates the people to make your evil works known to the world. Everywhere on internet I will expose who you are in reality. And no-one will stop it. For I AM the GOD of creation and all My holy angels will reveal your hidden works to mankind. And soon My final judgement on earth will happen. You heard it before. Many of you laughed about it and thought : “This will never happen, for we are the rulers of the world and we will dominate our slaves, haha, for there is no such god. ” But I AM the I AM, the GOD who is Light, Fire, Dynamis/Powers/Energies and I rule all of creation… and I wil prove it to you. Soon I will pour out My holy Godly wrath upon you in such a way, that you all will cry out : “Mountains of the earth, fall upon us and hide us from the face of Him who sits on the Throne and from the wrath of the Lamb of GOD.” I, Jesus/Yeshua, AM the GOD of all universal powers, who was on earth in a body of flesh and blood and bones. I AM the Lord GOD YHVH, the Almighty One, and you will experience it very, very, very soon. I AM.

Prophecy by The Candle. 03.05.2020.

G.O.D. = Ghost Opening Dynamis.

This says GOD YHVH, the GOD of Israel and creation, the GOD of the heavens and the earth :

Hear, o inhabitants of the earth, I AM the GOD of grace, giving goodness and mercy and eternal love and eternal saving works in lives of people, who call on My holy name or the name in which My holy name is glorified as the One who I AM : Yeshua ha Mashiach/Jesus the Christ = YHVH saves the Anointed One. Jesus Christ/Yeshua ha Mashiach and I are One, for He is in Me and I AM in Him. I AM a living GOD and Person, who is Spirit/Ghost and Opening up My holy secrets of Me and My holy Reign from the beginning till the end by My holy Dynamis/Power/Energies : G.O.D. = Ghost Opening Dynamis = GOD. I, YHVH, AM GOD, who was, is… and always will be… and who will come in My holy Image of My living Son Yeshua/Jesus/Jesous, the True Christos/Christ/Ha Mashiach. I AM. No-one was before I AM. For I AM the Beginning of all existing things in the invisible spirit-dimensions and in the visible material dimensions. I AM the GOD of all heavens and the earth, the GOD of all universes. I AM. Blessed are all who believe in My holy almighty powerfull existence by which I called all things into existence by means of My Word. I AM.

Prophecy 30.04.2020. Received by The Candle.

Mashiach will come…

This says GOD YHVH, the GOD of creation :

Hear, ye inhabitants of the earth, I AM YHVH, the GOD above all existing things. I AM. Many know Me, many not yet. Soon I will send My holy Mashiach to the earth to save My holy remnant of Israel. I AM.

Prophecy 29.04.2020. Received by The Candle.

YHVH returns… to Zion.

This says GOD YHVH, the GOD of creation, the GOD of Israel and the GOD and Father of Yeshua ha Mashiach/Jesous Christos/Jesus the Christ :

Hear, o nations and tribes of the earth and Israel of GOD, I AM the GOD above all gods and godesses, so that you know for sure that there is no almighty God as I AM. Soon things will change. Many holy prophecies and revelations of Our holy scriptures will be fulfilled in very, very, very near future. For I AM the Almighty GOD, who is faithful towards His words. I AM. Many people explain scriptures, while they are preaching or teaching about the end-times/last days, before My return to the earth to start My heavenly Kingdom and its righteousness on earth. Soon, yes very, very, very soon, it will happen that all tribes of the earth will see, that I will descend from heaven with My heavenly holy armies of holy angels and My saints. I AM. We will come down and I will put My feet on the Mount of Olives at the east-side of Jerusalem in Israel. I AM. And We will reign from Zion at Jerusalem and My Temple will be filled with My heavenly everlasting glory. Blessed are all who will be partakers of My heavenly Kingdom, which will last for thousand years. I AM. During these 1000-years Satan/Lucifer will be imprisoned in the bottomless pit. And We will reign and Our word/thora/law/teachings will fill the earth… and all will know, that the GOD of Israel is the only and true GOD of creation and dwells at Zion in Jerusalem in Israel. I AM. And all nations will come to Jerusalem to worship Me and My Son, who is My holy Image in which I AM revealed and glorified in a perfect way. I AM. He is the Radiance of My eternal Glory, the Expression of My eternal glorious Being… and the Carrier/Bearer of My almighty powerfull Word and powers. I AM. And His name is : King of kings and Lord of lords, the Word of GOD. Many of you know Him as : Yeshua ha Mashiach/Jesous Christos/Jesus the Christ. I AM.

Prophecy 24.04.2020. Received by The Candle.

Rev. 13+14.

This says GOD YHVH, the Almighty One of creation :

I AM the GOD, who lead the history and leads the future of creation. I AM. Although Satan/Lucifer has the right to tempt people, I AM still in control. Soon the Beast- World-system and the beast (1) and the beast (2) anti-christ/other christ/other mashiach/false prophet will demand, that every-one will be chipped in the right hand or in the fore-head… or will receive a mark/sign/electronic-connected-tattoo or number or name of the anti-christ- world-wide-web-internet- banking-system, which is connected to the 666-barcode-system, without no-one can buy or sell. I AM. MY holy children, saints, will not accept that mark/sign/injection/chip… nor nano-tattoo-ID nor any other electronic RFID- chip or nano-technological or to an artificial-internet connected… or wired… or to satelite connected and new electronic-logistic-ID , which is connected to the world-wide-Mammon-system of Satan/Lucifer. I AM.

Prophecy 23.04.2020. Received by The Candle.