This says YHWH/YHVH/The LORD GOD :

‘Hear, ye nations, I AM GOD, the Almighty One. I AM not amused by those who amuse people without accepting My holy righteousness. I AM. Many seek the things of this world to become famous or adored… as if they were/are gods or godesses. But I AM the Only Almighty One, who was, is.. and is to come in My holy Image/Tabernacle/Temple, called Immanuel or Jahshua ha Mashiach/Jesus the Christ. I AM. Never before… people existed… till I created them. They are My invention and not the invention of themselves… nor the product of evolution. I AM. They didn’t create Me… nor am I a product of their fantasy or of religious deceit. I AM.’ ; Says the Lord GOD, The Almighty One, the GOD of Israel and creation.

Prophecy 30.01.2021. Received by The Candle / Jean Schoonbroodt.NL.EU.

The New Wave… of deceit… a temptation to all…

This says GOD YHWH…  to Israel and the nations and tribes of the earth :

‘Hear, ye Israelites and nations and tribes of the earth, I AM YHWH-GOD, The GOD of the heavens and the earth. I AM the Almighty One of creation. For I AM the Creator of all visible and invisible realms/dimensions/worlds/universes/or the by Me called into existence ones. I AM. No-One was before Me… and No-one will be after Me that has all powers and authority in the heavens and in the earth like I AM. I AM the One and Only True GOD that was, is… and always will be. You are My creation… and not I yours. I AM. New Ages and New Waves of this world were always a deceit for those who denied Me and My existence and My Reign in creation throughout all ages. I AM. New Orders or World-Orders were always a test to mankind to reveal who the real sons of GOD were/are… and who were/are not. I AM. Your New World-Order-Whore Babylon and Beast-system/order is nothing but a veil, that covers the eyes and ears and hearts and minds and spirits and understanding, by the deceit and betrayal of mankind by Satan and his fallen angels and the evildoers and wicked and deceived and seduced and captured ones of his evil systems. I AM. Now, in these last days, I AM the Only One who can save you in and through My holy names and grace and love and truth IN Yeshua HaMashiach Wamalech HaYehuddim / Jesus The Christ The King of the Jews, My beloved Son and My Holy Image/Temple/Tabernacle and True Mashiach, who led down His precious life/soul/blood… and reconciled by his blood all, that was… is and will be in heaven and in the earth, to Me… as long as people are not willing to reject Him as the by Me ordained Heavenly Savior and Heavenly High Priest according to the Order of Melchisedek/King of Heavenly Righteousness, King of Shalom/Salem/Heavenly Peace. I AM. All New Ages/New World-Orders are just a temptation to all… to reveal who is willing to follow Me IN Christ Jesus / Yeshua HaMashiach, who is the Radiance of My Heavenly Eternal Glory, The Expression of My Heavenly Eternal Being and the Carrier/Bearer of My Holy Heavenly Almighty Powerfull Words… by which I created the heavens and the earth in six/6 days. I AM. He is My Holy Heavenly Eternal Temple/Tabernacle and Lampstand… by which I spoke and speak throughout all ages to all in creation… for He is THE WORD OF GOD that became flesh and blood and bones, The True Mashiach of The True Israel, that lived/will live according to Our Holy Ghost in faith and obedience towards Us and Our True Heavenly Eternal Kingdom and Our Heavenly Righteousness… as it has been revealed and taught and preached by our true witnesses and holy prophets/seeers/revelators and holy messengers/apostles, who were faithful towards Us and the Words and prophecies and revelations that we gave them to speak and write to Israel… and to all the people in creation throughout all ages of worldly Satanic/Luciferian deceit. For WE, the Elohim above all elohim/Gods above all gods, YHVH-Elohim / The Father  “I AM YHVH-GOD”… and The Son Yeshua HaMashiach / Jesous Christos / YHVH saves The Anointed One… and the Ruach Hakodesh/ Holy Breath/ Holy Ghost, ARE ONE. “Hear o Israel, YHVH-Elohim, your GOD(s) is/are One'” … in unity, words, plans, Counsel, Reign and works of saving grace and judgments. I AM.’ ;



Says the Almighty One of creation, the Great “I AM” of all heavenly and universal powers… The True and Only GOD of the heavens and the earth.

Prophecy by :  The Candle / The Voice in The Wind.

Received by Jean M.P. Schoonbroodt. NL. Vlijmen.


GOD’s Words to Eliyah…

GOD to the Israelites…

This says GOD YHVH to the Israelites in these last days or the twelve tribes of Israel , which were/are spread among the nations… and of who some are now gathered in the State/Nation of Israel :

‘Hear, ye Israelites, I AM the One who spoke to Moses, the man of God, as it is written in your Thora. I AM the I AM that I always will be. In these last days I will gather many of you in several places, according to My grace and love and truth and My work among you, for I know what plans I have towards you. I know that many of you were hardened towards My Good News that I tried to bring to you by My holy vessels that I called to that holy task and testimony. But alas you were hardened because many of you despised My work of saving grace and love and truth and the gift of true faith, because of your stubbornness towards My Holy Ghost / Holy Breath / Ruach HaKodesh. I AM. Many of you were so hardened by the false teachings of false teachers among you… that many of you were/are erring. Now in these last days I turn My heavenly Glorious Face towards you to open your innermost being and heart and eyes to see and recognize that there are things going on in creation that are not normal but extreme and are even driving people insane and cause many worries and anxieties and sorrows, because of the unbelief and disobedience towards Me and My holy Ghost and words. I AM. Many of you were already astonished/amazed, and yes… even shocked, what happened during the last two ages with you and and other people in creation. I AM. My holy House is not a visible buiding anymore, but the hearts of those who really believe and trust and follow Me in what I teach or prophecise or reveal to them by My Holy Ghost concerning the True Mashiach / Anointed One, who was already among the people of Israel and te Jews in the past, while He was walking in your midst as the Immanuel, the son of the virgin… who was visited by the holy angel Gabriel, who announced her that she would become pregnant by The Work of The Ruach HaKodesh / Holy Breath… and that she would give birth to a child, a son, that would become the Savior of Israel to save them from their sins/transgressions of the Thora… to fulfill what was/is written in the holy scroll of the prophet Isaiah. A child would be born, a son, on whose shoulders would rest the Dominion of YHWH by His Holy Ghost… and that His name would be : Wonderful Counselor, Strong God, Eternal Father and King/Prince of Shalom. He would save Israel and would turn His Holy Face against His enemies in wrath and vengeance. I AM. He would be a LIGHT to Israel and all nations and tribes of the earth, so that the people who walked in darkness would see a Great Glorious Light… that would enlighten them, so that they would be set free from captivity of the powers of darkness… to walk in New Life by Our grace and love and truth and mercy and holy rigtheousness and sanctification to become all a holy people to Us. I AM. He would also be lead like a lamb to the slaughtery… to die for the sins/transgressions of Israel… and of the goyim/gentiles… to save them all from eternal punishment, if they believe Our work of atonement that was being fulfilled in His days, when he had to pick up His wood of curses on His shoulders… to walk the path to Golgatha/Calvery to be nailed to the wood… instead of the guilty people of Israel and of the nations and tribes of the earth. I AM. He became the real Eternal Pesach-Lamb of GOD… to save all who believed and believe Our Eternal Work of Reconciliation by His Blood, that was shed on Golgatha and fled through a split in the Rock below Him to a cave where the Ark of the Covenant was Hidden by My Hand… on which His blood was sprinkled to become an Eternal Reconciliation/Yom Kippur, that lasts forever for Israel and all of creation… to enable all to get into Our Holy Presence without being punished or destroyed or consumed by Our Holy Fire. I AM. All the sacrifices of the Old Covenant, that I made with Israel, were shadow Images of the Real Tabernacle/Temple of Me in heaven… and the True Eternal work of saving grace through the One and Only Eternal Perfect Living Sacrifice/ Lamb of GOD… given by Me in and through My holy Son Y.H.V.H., which stands for Yeshua Hinoshri Vamalech HaYehuddim. He is My holy Eternal True Pesach for Israel and the whole earth… to save all by means of Our Giving Goodness/Grace. I AM. This despised Rabbi of Nazareth, My beloved Son, was betrayed and given over into the hands of the Romans to be punished, tortured and nailed to the cross to fulfill the words of the holy prophets… to save Israel and all of creation according to Our Giving Goodness/Grace and love and truth. I AM. Now the Entrance into Our Holy of Holies/ Sanctuarity is opened to all… who just trust Our work of salvation. I AM. Also the Entrance into Our Paradise/Garden of Eden is opened to all from that moment on. I AM. Now We give Our holy Ghost into the hearts of those who believe this Glorious message of Our Eternal Love and Truth and saving Grace through faith in this works of salvation for Israelites and Jews and gentiles. I AM. The name of My Son is known to all as : Yeshua HaMashiach/ Jesus the Christ, The Scepter of Juda/Lion of Juda/The Star of Jacob/The Glorious Heavenly Bright Morningstar. I AM. He is now Glorified at My right Hand. I AM.’ ;

Says the Almighty One of Israel and creation, YHWH-Elohim.

Prophecy 16.04.2023.

By The Voice in The Wind of Ruach HaKodesh / Holy Breath of GOD.

GOD’s grace and love and truth is still active…

This says GOD to the nations and tribes of the earth in these last days :

‘Hear, ye nations and tribes of the earth, I AM GOD and bring to you heavenly glorious love and grace and truth and mercy… as long as My love is still going out all over the earth by My holy glorious Holy Ghost and all His holy gifts/charisma’s and love and grace… and truth of Our Good News/the Gospel of salvation. I AM. Still I AM calling all to return to Me and My beloved Son because of the prayers of My saints in heaven and on/in the earth in My Holy Ghost and My Holy Presence and in and through My Holy Son Jeshua/Jahshua/Jahushua/Jehoshua/Jesous/Jesus HaMashiach/The Christ, the Living and Glorified One. I AM.’ :

Says the Almighty One of creation, YHVH-GOD, the great I AM of the heavens and the earth,

the GOD of the heavenly Spiritual Israel and heavenly Spiritual Jerusalem and of the heavenly Spiritual Tabernacle/heavenly Spiritual Temple of GOD and heavenly Spiritual Sion/Zion, who were and are and remain the real holy people/saints of GOD, the Creator of all that ever was, is or ever will be. Amen. Hallelu-YHVH. Amen.

Words of GOD/ Prophecy 05.04.2023. by The Voice in The Wind of Ruach Hakodesh / Holy Breath / Holy Ghost of GOD YHVH.

Received by Jean M.P. Schoonbroodt. NL. Vlijmen.