The GOD of revelation… and salvation.

This says GOD :

Listen, ye people of the earth, I AM the GOD above all gods. I AM the I AM, who appeared to Moses and many prophets and seeérs and apostles/messengers. I AM the One, who calls them and you by their and your name. I AM. I AM the GOD of revelation. I revealed and reveal Myself to many in visions, dreams or prophecies… or I appear to them in My visible human Temple, called Jesus the Christ. For I AM in Him and He is in Me. We are One. I YHWH GOD AM. Many know about My existence by means of what they see of My visible works in creation. Many by means of wittnesses and their testimonies and holy scriptures, written by My holy Spirit through them. I AM. Many preach My holy words and revelations. Still WE are in control, allthough many deny this fact. Many don’t understand Our ways with and within Our creation. Many seek to understand why things are as they are. And this is exactly what We want. For We want to reveal the truth to mankind, but many are blinded by the lies and deception of evil spirits and evil persons. Still WE are the True GOD’s of the universes. We are YHWH-Elochim : The Father GOD YHWH, the Son Yeshua ha Mashiach/Jesus the Christ… and the Holy Breath/Holy Ghost of YHWH. We are willing to set people free from the lies and evil schemes of satan and his demons… and of evil and wicked sinful people, deceivers and liars… and betrayers of the truth and of righteouss people. WE are willing to give people true eternal life by means of Faith in Us and Our holy Truth and Holy gospel. WE will set people free, by means of Our Spirit and words… which are One with Us. I said IN and through and with Jesus the Christ : I AM the Way, the Truth and The Life…. Nobody can find the real GOD… and how HE is… than just by Me and My Son and Our holy Ghost/Spirit and Our holy Words/Gospel/Teachings and Testimonies… concerning past, present and future times. WE are I AM. We are the Elohim above all elohim, the GODS above all gods, We are YHWH-Elohim, the Allmighty One. WE are the Father of creation. My Son Jesus, the True Christ/Messiah/Mashiach, said : I AM the Way, the Truth and The Life… and nobody can come to the Father than just by Me. I AM. WE, the Father and the Son and the Ghost, are One. Blessed are all who come to the knowledge of these eternal heavenly Godly/Divine and Spiritual facts. I AM. Many tried/try to understand who WE were/are, but couldn’t/can’t unless We revealed/reveal it to them. For We are the True GOD(s) of all existing things in the visible material worlds and in the invisible spirit-worlds. WE are the GOD(s) of the heavens and the earth. No-one is more powerful than We are. For We created all powers and energies in the universes, from past, present and future times. All things have their existence in Us. WE can create or destroy as We like or plan or decide. This power of Us is far greater than all powers of the universes. WE can call a universe into existence… or destroy it… as We want. No-one has this almighty power… as We have. We create life… or destroy it. Many fear Us when We reveal to them Our almighty powers, but We are LOVE. We created all things out of love… so that We could show and reveal Our heavenly love and care for creation. Many deny or denied this. Still WE are LOVE. Many dishonoured Us. Many blasphemed Us. Many destroyed Our works of love, because they obeyed satan and his evil desires and lusts more than Us and Our Heavenly GODly Holy Love and righteoussness. Still We seek to save people out of satans snares and lies and evil schemes and grip and web, by revealing the eternal Truth. I AM. Listen, ye people of the earth, I AM GOD… and I call you to seek Me in honest upright serious prayer with own words. Call on Our names and We will answer you… and will sent help to you and deliverance in Our holy names. I, YHWH-Elohim, AM the GOD of salvation in My and Jesus Christ/Yeshua ha Mashiach’s  holy name. I AM. And it will happen, that whosoever will call on Our Holy names… will be saved. I AM.

Prophecy 10.04.2018. The Candle.

Jesus Christ, the Tree of Life.

This says GOD YHWH, the Almighty One and Only True GOD of the universes :

Throughout all ages I revealed Myself by means of the words that I spoke to holy elected prophets and revelators and seeérs and apostles and holy anointed kings and priests and wittnesses of Me and My holy Messiah and of Our heavenly holy eternal Kingdom and Holy Temple… and eternal life for all who believe Our holy good news, concerning Our works of salvation IN and Through Christ Jesus, who is the True Tree of Life for Israel and all the nations and tribes and all generations of the earth, if they accept Him as their Lord and Saviour, who died on the cross of Calvery for the sins of creation, so that woever believes in him…shall not perish, but will have eternal life, by means of Our forgiving and merciful and gracious love… and the reconciliation, that We worked out in the crucified Christ Jesus, whose blood fled out of His wounds to reconcile creation with/to Us. Now We offer Our heavenly peace and love and grace to all that We love… and who are willing to accept her as a free gift of GOD. Allow Us to reveal Our heavenly love to you and your family… by means of faith in Us, so that we can give you eternal life and overflowing life and life abundantly in YHWH-Elohim’s and Yeshua ha Mashiach’s/Jesus the Christ’ holy love and grace and goodness. Trust Us… and Our gospel/word of God. Read your bible… and speak freely every day to Us and We will hear. Call on Our holy names… and We will help… and answer your questions, by means of Our Spirit and words and revelations and holy angels and messengers. I, YHWH GOD, AM.

Prophecy 04.04.2018. The Candle.

I, YHWH GOD, AM the GOD of creation.

This says GOD YHWH the Allmighty, the Source of LIFE :

In these days many departed from Me. They are lost and often feel depressed. Their choice, not to trust Me nor My love nor My grace nor My eternal truths, leeds to emptyness, for I AM the Giver of Life. Those who disconnect with Me will die in their spirit and soul… and will feel very unhappy and will even get mentally ill. Without ME all life and energy will leave them. For I AM GOD and the Source of Life and energy and love and wisdom and I AM the One and Only allmighty GOD in the universes. I AM the  One who calls people by their name and who is willing to give them overflowing Life, when they connect with Me by calling On My holy name and the holy name of My holy Son to get new eternal Life by means of Our loving and giving goodness/grace. My beloved Son Yeshua ha Mashiach/Jesus the Christ said : I AM the way, the truth and the LIFE and nobody can come to GOD the heavenly Father than just by Me. He had to die on the cross of Calvery to become the bridge between ME in heaven and you on earth. His suffering and death on the cross was the atonement for your sins, so that I and He can forgive you your unbelieve and departure from Us… and your sins, so that now WE can restore Our relation with you… and can give you LIFE abundantly if you accept this offer. I YHWH AM.

Prophecy 26/03/2018. The Candle.

This says GOD : I AM.

This says GOD :

I AM the GOD above above all gods from past en present and future times. I AM YHWH, the GOD of the universes, the GOD of Israel, the GOD and Heavenly Holy and Righteouss Father of creation and of My beloved Son Jesus the Christ/Yeshua ha Mashiach. I AM. No-one was god before Me. I AM the Source of all that was, is… and will be, now and forever. I AM. I created the visible and invisible worlds. I AM the GOD who was, is..  and always will be. My love is eternally to all of My beloved creation. Come to Me, ye people of this age, and accept Me and My beloved Son Jesus the Christ… and Our holy message of Our heavenly love and righteoussnes and grace and reconciliation. For We are waiting for you to return to us. Accept Our love and mercy. I AM.

Prophecy 22/03/2018. The Candle.

Love flows…

Love of God flows from His heart of love… like streams of living water.

This says GOD :

My Holy love flows from My heavenly Throne like streams of living water to the hearts of mankind, when they are open to Me. I AM. Many are hardened by means of unbelieve, therefore they can’t see nor recognize My faithfull love towards creation and to them. But I AM a loving and faithfull and patient God… and Saviour and Helper for mankind, allthough they often deny My holy existence. But still I AM active in creation to lead and guide people to My holy well of eternal glorious life… by means of the preaching of the good news of My eternal love in Christ Jesus. I AM. Blessed is the soul, who listens to My holy words and recognises the love of Me in the True Gospel of salvation and reconciliation. I AM.

Prophecy 27.02.2018. The Candle.

God’s saving love through Jesus…

He who opens his heart for God’s love… is like a flower that opens for the light of the sun. God’s light and love opens the hearts for more light of love and truth and more love towards other people and creation.

This says GOD, the GOD of the universes,

the God of the heavens and the earth, the God above all gods from past, present and future times :

Hear, ye people and nations, I, YHWH GOD, AM the GOD who was, is… and always will be. I created all visible and invisible things. There was no god before Me, nor will there be a god after Me… who will be… or is… like I AM. I AM the invisible GOD, who can become visible to a human being, when I like to reveal Myself to him or her. Many people desire proofs of My holy existence, allthough they are surrounded by them at day and at night, for the whole creation proclaims My holy Being. All the visible things were called into existence by My almighty Word in the power of My almighty Ghost/Spirit, who is a Ghost/Spirit of Godly Holy Love, light, fire, powers and energies. I AM. For I, YHWH GOD, AM GHOST and a Person and an Allmighty Being, who has no limits, unless I limit Myself during a short period of time to fullfill My holy plan with and within creation. No-one ever saw Me… unless I revealed Myself to him or her. In the past and in these days I gave and give many dreams and revelations and prophecies and words, so that all can know for sure that I AM. Even My beloved saints, in former and in these days, testified or testify about Me and My holy Mashiach/Messiah/Christ, who came into the flesh, to become a man amoung My chosen people/nation of Israel and the Jews. I AM. His name was/is Yeshua Hamashiach/Jesus the Christ. He is My beloved Son from eternity to eternity… and My holy Image/Temple, in which I dwelleth and dwell with the fullness of My Godhood/Deity. I AM. He or she, who accepts Him and His testimony and His reconciling sacrifice on the cross/wood of Calvery as the atonement and redeeming and justifying sacrifice for their own sins and for the sins of creation… will be called righteouss in our Holy Eyes and Holy Ears and Holy Heavenly Hearts and Holy Heavenly Counsel and Judgement-Seats and Thrones. I AM. For all sinned/transgressed Our holy commandments and are guilty… in Our Holy Eyes and ears… and fall short of the glory of GOD, so that they only can be saved from Our eternal wrath, vengeance and judgements, by means of accepting this fact and by accepting the sacrife of Jesus on the cross/wood of curses. The Innoncent Son of GOD died under My holy judgements and wrath in stead of the guilty/sinners/evildoers/godless ones/wicked ones, so that all who repent… and who accept Our Holy Heavenly Godly Love and forgiveness in Jesus Christ, will be saved from Our holy judgements and holy eternal wrath and condemnation… and will be called righteouss ones, after We changed their ways of thinking, speaking and acting… by means of Our heavenly giving goodness and truth in Our Holy Grace and love and compassion and Holy Powerfull Loving Holy Spirit/Ghost… to prepare them for eternal glory… and to give them eternal life in Our heavenly Kingdom. I, YHWH GOD, AM. Their, by Us, given faith in Our work of Salvation in Our holy names and in the power of Our Holy Ghost and in the power of the reconciling and cleansing blood of Jesus Christ, will be reckoned to them as righteousness. I, YHWH GOD, AM.

Prophecy 24/02/2018. The Candle.

God revealed.

This says GOD YHWH, the Almighty :

I was amoung the Israelites in the past, as the prophets revealed in their holy scriptures/scrolls/books. Many read the Bible or the book of Mormon… and receive eternal truths by these holy prophetic scriptures and holy chronicles, written by My holy Ghost/Spirit in and through these sanctified holy vessels/prophets/seeers/revelators. I AM. Many people on earth are seeking for Truth in these last days, before the visible return of Me and My beloved Son Yeshua ha Mashiach/Jesus the Christ on the clouds in the sky. I AM. The time is near. I, YHWH GOD, AM.

Prophecy 09.02.2018. The Candle.

Gods love…

This says GOD :

My holy eternal love is going forth over the whole earth to minister to people by My holy angels of love and righteoussnes and by Our holy wittnesses, who proclaim or preach or evangelize the message of Our eternal love and grace and peace and forgiveness and hope and faith and goodness and blessings… and reconciliation by the blood of Jesus the Christ/Yeshua ha Mashiach… to save all of mankind, who believe in Our eternal love and holy message/gospel of salvation for all eternity. I YHWH GOD AM.

Prophecy. 09.02.2018.

The Candle.


To the churches.

This says GOD YHWH, the Almighty One,  to the churches of this endtime :

Many departed from Me. Still I AM reaching out for people to invite them for the kingdom of GOD and My holy Temple and for eternal life, that I want to give them for free… if they accept Me and My holy Messiah/Christ and His reconciling sacrifice on the cross of Calvery for the forgiveness of their sins. I YHWH AM. I want to transform them, by means of faith in Our holy gospel, into sons of God, so that they will become holy Heavenly Priests in My holy eternal Kingdom. I, YHWH GOD, AM.

Prophecy 02/05/2018. The Candle.

The ministry of holy angels…

This says GOD :

In these and future days I will send My holy angels to mankind to minister to them according to My holy love and grace in My and Jesus Christ holy names, so that mankind will know that I AM. I YHWH GOD AM. Grace and love and peace may be multiplied to all that We love in creation, because of the redeeming and reconciling love of US, YHWH-Elochim, which means : The Father YHWH GOD… and the Son YHWH saves The Anointed One = Jesus the Christ… and the Holy Ghost. I YHWH GOD AM.

Prophecy 22.01.2018. by The Candle.

God is love… but hates sin.

This says GOD :

I YHWH AM the GOD of creation. My holiness is known to all who really knew or know Me. I AM the GOD of the heavens and the earth. No-one is like I AM. Many people searched for the truth during all ages, but were often led astray by means of the schemes of the evil one… and evil people. I AM. Still I was speaking to mankind. But who was really listening to My holy voice/word ? Many were looking for life and satisfaction, but rejected Me, the Source of LIFE and LOVE. I AM. Therefore I again try to speak to people. My hope is that they will listen, so that I can forgive their sins… and help them to get eternal LIFE and overflowing LIFE and real joy by means of My grace and love and truth. I AM.

Prophecy, 15.01.2018. The Candle.

The Kingdom of God.

This says GOD :

Look around. What do you see ? Nations in turmoil. Many are preparing for war. Still they don’t know, that I AM GOD… and that I will decide, what will happen on earth in these and future days. I AM. Many seek peace, allthough I said by My holy prophets : There is no peace for the godless. Those, who reject Me and My holy Son, will suffer under the judgements, that will come upon them. I AM GOD and HOLY and I AM the One, who will exalt the humble… and will humble the proud. I AM.

Prophecy 29/12/2017. Jean Schoonbroodt.

Gods Word for today …

This says GOD :

Many seek life and fullfillment, but find emptyness. Many are depressed, because of all the things that frighten them. Many are stressed. Many seek their way out in music, sports, sex, drugs, alcohol, art… etc. Still there are moments, that they long for more. Life abundantly. Many seek their satisfaction in money, wealth, social media… and still can be poor and empty and lonely or even harmed by abusive people. My advice to all : Come back to Me, ye children of men. I, YHWH GOD, AM the GOD who gives life… and even eternal life as a free gift to all who believe in Me and My beloved Son Yeshua ha Mashiach/Jesus the Christ. I YHWH GOD AM.

Prophecy 29/12/2017. by The Candle.

He who opens his heart for God’s love… is like a flower that opens for the light of the sun. God’s light and love opens the hearts for more light of love and truth and more love towards other people and creation.

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