This says YHWH/YHVH/The LORD GOD :

‘Hear, ye nations, I AM GOD, the Almighty One. I AM not amused by those who amuse people without accepting My holy righteousness. I AM. Many seek the things of this world to become famous or adored… as if they were/are gods or godesses. But I AM the Only Almighty One, who was, is.. and is to come in My holy Image/Tabernacle/Temple, called Immanuel or Jahshua ha Mashiach/Jesus the Christ. I AM. Never before… people existed… till I created them. They are My invention and not the invention of themselves… nor the product of evolution. I AM. They didn’t create Me… nor am I a product of their fantasy or of religious deceit. I AM.’ ; Says the Lord GOD, The Almighty One, the GOD of Israel and creation.

Prophecy 30.01.2021. Received by The Candle / Jean Schoonbroodt.NL.EU.