Many were /will be / are tested… and tempted concerning 666… already now… and in near future…

This says GOD YHVH, the GOD of the universes, the Great I AM, the Almighty One, the GOD above all other gods and godesses :



“Hear, ye nations, today I declare that I AM in charge of all armies of the nations. When I will tell them : “Come and fight/war against the evil ones in that nation or in that arear or that Union, than they will come… and no-one will be able to hinder them, for I AM the Almighty One.” When My almight powerful holy Ghost comes down upon a king or ruler or several rulers or kings of the earth to war against other rulers or kings of the earth, than it wil happen that they will be one and united in their will to war… and to take over…. and/or to destroy that I want to take over or to destroy. I AM. Throughout all ages I was the GOD who ruled creation, although Satan/Lucifer was the Evil One, who thought and taught to many that he was/is in control. But I laugh in heaven and on earth about his pride, for I AM the One and Only True Almighty Ruler and King above all rulers and kings of the earth… and not he. For I decide, who he can have as his slaves for the time that I decide, for I can deliver every-one/any-one… that I want to set free from slavery to his powers of darkness and lies and deceit and seduction, whenever I want. I AM the Elohim above all elohim and the LORD above all lords and the King above all kings and I AM the Almighty One and not he. I AM the First and Last in everything, for I decide what happens in the heavens and in the earth… according to My holy heavenly plan and holy will and words and decisions and visions and prophecies. I AM in charge of all. I decide when earthquakes will happen or disasters or pandemics or not. I AM the Judge of all… and I decide what punishment they get, temporary or eternal. I AM. I AM the GOD who has all powers and authority in the heavens and in the earth, although many deny this fact and reality. Even this temporary- Beast of Revelation 13. and its worldruler and it false prophet/anti-christo/other christ/false christ/false anointed one, whose number of is his name is 666, are just allowed by My holy will to exist for a short period of time to test/tempt all inhabitants of the earth, so that will be revealed who are really My holy sons and daughters… and who are not, who are slaves of Satan/Lucifer. They may reign for a short while, but I will make them to dust again… and will give them their wages with an everlasting holy judgment in righteousness. I AM. Many will be tested and tempted to take the injections, related/linked to 666 and the false christ/anti-christ and the Whore Babylon and the momentary Beast-Global-World-Banking-Mammon/Money-system to their eternal suffering and destruction… and everlasting punishment in the second death, which is the lake, that burns forever of brimstone and fire. I AM. Woe to those who deny Me and My holy Son and reject Us and Our holy heavenly Reign over all… and who reject Our Gospel of salvation and Our prophetic and revealing warnings in this last period… and remain stubborn… to their eternal condemnation. I AM. Blessed are all, who are faithfull believers and followers and obedient sons and daughters, who are willing to take up their cross every day… and to deny themselves every day… to follow My holy Son Yeshua ha Mashiach/Jesus the Christ in obedience till the end, till they will see Our Glory and will be Our glorified holy Kings and Priests of Heaven, who will reign with Us in all eternity in Our Heavenly Kingdom, that will last forever. I AM.” ;

Says the LORD GOD YHVH, the Almighty One, the GOD of the heavens and the earth, The King and Ruler of the Universes/Kosmoia/Cosmos, who will come very soon to Judge the Living and the dead IN Christ Jesus/Yeshua ha Mashiach, who is the Eternal Expression of His glorious Heavenly Being, The Eternal Radiance of His Glory and the Carrier of the Words of God’s almighty powers, so what-ever He says… it will happen in creation.

Prophecy 19.07.2021. Received By God’s servant/messenger A Voice in The Wind / The Candle.


These days are the days of fulfillment of the propecies and revelations of The Apocalypse/Scroll/Book of Revelation of God and Jesus Christ. Now we are in the days of the fulfillment of Rev. 13. before our eyes, for all who can and are willing to see and hear it… and recognize it… and who obey GOD and Jesus Christ more than the deception, seduction, betrayal that is going around by Satan/Lucifer and their slaves. And God allows it… to test all…. to reveal the True saints… and the sons and daughters of Satan/Lucifer.

Please read Revelation 13+14. + 17+18. Attention, the Book of Revelations is not chronological written. This means, some parts are about the past, some are about the present time… and some are about future… and some are about things that were throughout many ages… or are even still now.

Update with new information about Revelation 13… and its fulfillment :