GOD speaks to the nations in the Middle-East…

This says GOD YHVH, the GOD of Israel, to the nations surrounding Israel in the Middle -East :

“Hear, ye nations and tribes of the Middle-East, I AM the GOD above all gods and godesses… from past, present and future days. I AM the GOD who spoke to all holy prophets/seeers and revelators and holy messengers… and I AM now again speaking to all nations by this prophecy. I AM. For I choose whomever I want to choose to become or to be My Voice in the Wind of My Holy Ghost. I AM. Never before I prophecied like now. For My work by this weak vessel, that they call Jean Martin Peter Schoonbroodt from the Netherlands in the European Union, is worldwide known by those that I elected to get to know him and by him Me, the Almighty Living GOD of creation. I AM. Many hated him and tried to destroy him because of his prophetic street-preaching, by which I reached out to many to save them for all eternity. I AM. But alas, like it happened throughout all ages again and again with my holy messengers, many didn’t acknowledged them as My Voice in The Wind of the Holy Ghost throughout the ages, that they lived in, to be My holy witnesses… nor him, J.M.P.Schoonbroodt as a prophet in these last days of the endtime. I AM. You are facing the fulfilment of the Apocalypse. But many err and are not willing to acccept this reality or fact. Many are concerned about their well-being and money and luxury and fulfillment of satisfaction in all areas of life, but don’t really seek Me to their eternal salvation. For everyone will die once… and after that moment they will go down into scheol/hades/kingdom of death… or will be taken up into My holy Presence to be with Me forever, when they overcame this evil world and Beast-system by means of faith and obedience towards Me and My Ghost and words and Son and Our holy prophets/seeers/revelators and apostles… who wrote Our words in holy scriptures as testimonies to all of creation. I AM. I AM the Living GOD… and I will consume My enemies with fire… on the day that I will come down from heaven to eradicate them from the earth… in very near future. I AM. Many Satanists / Luciferians will experience My holy wrath and vengeance in very, very, very near future. I AM. My holiness is My Glory. I AM. Unholy people will not inherit the Kingdom of GOD, but will be thrown into a place of eternal suffering/torment/condemnation. I AM. Reason : I will not tolerate that in My future Kingdom of God, that will last forever, these evil and wicked cruel animals/predators/goats/snakes/vipers will live in eternal glory with Me and My beloved glorified Son Yeshua ha Mashiach/ Jesus the Christ. I AM.” ; Says the LORD GOD YHVH, the Almighty One of all created heavens and the earth, the Great I AM, the Eternal One, who was, is and always will be. For He is not flesh and blood… not a material being, but Eternal Almighty Ghost/Power/Light/Fire/Wind/Dynamis/Energy/ Holy Breath/ Ruach Hakodesh, the Source of all dimensions/realms and existing spirit-beings and all living creatures who have spirit/breath/life/energy and of all matter… or material things or worlds.

Prophecy 02.09.2021. Received by The Voice in The Wind / The Candle / Jean Schoonbroodt. NL. EU.