To the nations… and people of the earth…

This says GOD YHVH, the GOD of creation, the Almighty One, the great I AM of all universes/kosmoia/cosmos/worlds :

“Hear, ye nations and people of the earth, I AM YHVH, the GOD of all existing things in the material and spirit-worlds. I AM. No-one is capable to understand all things that I did throughout all ages in all the things that I created by My Word. I AM. Many think that they can erase Me or the remembrance of My Being or words by fighting against Me and My beloved and chosen ones in creation. I AM. Alas, you will fail, for no-one can kill Me nor destroy Me for I AM the Almighty One… and you are just little puppets walking on this temporary earth, thinking that you are very important and that you can keep control over what is going on… on earth. All your vomin and evil and snares and schemes even to eradicate My Holy Temple, The True Body of Christ Jesus / Yeshua ha Mashiach which is the gathering of true saints who follow Me IN Christ Jesus, will fail. For I will always again and again show you that My True Heavenly Temple / Tabernacle is immortal… and lasts forever. I AM. One day My holy Son and His saints will come down from heaven with holy angels that will consume you with holy fire and will cleanse the whole earth from all godless and wicked ones, who did not acknowledge Us… nor Our holy words and gospel and teachings and prophecies and revelations and warnings and temporary judgments. I AM. Now is the time to save your soul and to quit with evil and to call on Our holy names to save your lives and spirit/soul for eternity… and to admit your sins/transgressions of Our holy commandments and your disobedience and godlessness and wicked and cruel ways. If you remain stubborn… and are not willing to repent and to allow Us to show you the way to eternal glory by means of faith that is activ in love and truth and true righteousness and is activ in doing Our holy will… than We suddenly will pour out Our holy Judgments upon you and will punish you for your evil and wicked thoughts, words and deeds and evil schemes… and plan to destroy all of mankind to create for yourselves “paradise on earth” … without acknowledging Me as the Living GOD of all existing things in the visible and invisible worlds. I AM. I AM The King above all kings and The LORD above all lords. So if you remain proud I will humble you… and will show and reveal your Satanic / Luciferian demonic evil attitudes and thoughtpatterns and cruelty and your bloodsacrifices… and I will judge you by those that you despised as beinging the “vulgair” , the “scum of the earth” , in your proud eyes. I AM. Ye haughty men and women on earth, ye are going to hell/kingdom of death/scheol/hades and second death/ the lake of brimstone and fire if you remain in your godlessness and evil and wicked ways. I AM. Blessed are all who I will bring to repentance to change their hearts by means of My grace and love and truth and holy righteousness and mercy and gift of faith in these eternal facts, that were already revealed and taught throughout all ages by My Holy Ghost and by those who were His servants. I AM. For I AM the Living GOD who hates evil and wickedness and cruelty, but who loves mercy, righteousness, holiness, faith that is activ in doing good and that takes care of creation and of people according to My holy and loving and caring and saving and healing will. I AM.” ; Says the LORD GOD YHVH, the Almighty One of Isreal and creation, the Great I AM.

Prophecy 05.09.2021. Received by The Voice in The Wind / The Candle / Jean Schoonbroodt. NL. EU.