Vengeance and wrath of God upon the leaders of the nations…

This says GOD YHVH to the nations and their leaders in 2021 :

“Hear, ye evildoers, I know your hidden works and rituals and bloodsacrifices in your secret/occult gatherings of the freemasons on the 30-33 degree-level. I know what you are doing, speaking… and see your heart. I know that I hate your evil and wickedness and cruelty. Soon I will come with vengeance and take you out by My almighty powers and holy armies of heaven. You were/are called to rule the nations and tribes of te earth, but you chose Satan / Lucifer and the fallen ones as your “gods”. You belong all to the church of Satan and to the “high house”, that floats in the air… without an everlasting foundation. You despised My holy prophets and messengers throughout the ages and many of them were murdered by your evil schemes. But now the day of wrath and vengeance has come upon you. I will show you your iniquity and your evil and cruel deeds and will give it to you as an everlasting condemnation in your hearts, as a worm of hell and fire in your spirit, souls and bodies. I AM.” ; Says the LORD GOD Almighty, YHVH-GOD, the GOD of the heavens and the earth, the Great I AM , the Ruler and King of the universes/kosmoia, the GOD of the True Spiritual and chosen Israel.

Prophecy 11.09.2021. Received by The Voice in The Wind / The Candle.