GOD reveals what happened… and happens to the enemies of Israel…

This says GOD to the nations, who are envious towards the “Illuminated”-Israel :

“You are willing to destroy the State of Israel… or its inhabitants or leaders, but you forgot that I, YHWH-GOD, AM the GOD of the heavens and the earth, who re-established the land for the Jews and the Israelites, the members of the twelve tribes of Israel who I knew from before foundation of creation. Among the evil or wicked people in Israel there are real holy people who live in a GOD-fearing way. They are the Holy Remnant, that I will save for eternity… and that I will save from the enemies around them… or even of those who will, in future days, invade the nation/State of Israel. I AM. For I will reveal Myself to the nations and their armies on the day that they will gather their armies against Israel to destroy Israel complete. And know that I AM and never lie. I will destroy all their armies completely. Because I will never allow them to destroy My chosen ones to whom I promissed the land that I mentioned and promissed to their father Abraham in his days… as you can read in the Book Bereshit/Genesis. I AM. Meanwhile I beated/hit the nations, that were willing to erase the Jews and the Israelites and all true GOD-fearing people, with earthquakes, floods, disasters, plagues, pestilencies, deseases, illnesses, mental breakdowns, revolutions, wars, increasing crimes, and giving their fortunes/wealth into the hands of their enemies. etc. All forces of nature and all powers in the earth, in the sky and the universe are under My Supervision and under My control according to My Words, Holy Will and Holy Plan and My Time-Awareness and My Holy Heavenly Agenda. All who deny this fact and reality will start to become rebellious towards Me and My Holy Reign and towards My Eternal Appointed King above all kings and Lord above all lords  : Yahushua HaMashiach /  Jesous Christos / Jesus The Christ, The Living One, The Son of GOD, The Word of GOD that became flesh and blood.” ;


Says the LORD GOD Almighty, YHWH-Elohim, the GOD of creation, the great universal “I AM”.

Received by Jean M.P. Schoonbroodt. NL./ The Voice in The Wind of Ruach HaKodesh/Holy Breath of GOD/ Holy Ghost.