GOD speaks to the “experts” …

This says GOD YHWH to the experts in… technology, theology, politic, defense, ideology, philosophy, medicine, pharmacy, economical and cultural and financial and religious… deceit :



“Hear, ye experts in all these areas of life, I know who you are and where you are. I know your secrets or “illuminated knowledge” inspired by the “true” illuminated ones by their lord and god Lucifer/Satan, who behaved and behaves as an angel of light, but is the father of all lies and betrayal and deceit and of evil and wicked schemes and of murder and the Satanic inspired New World Order-agenda’s, which are godless and lawless although they and you speak about the “rule of law”, but deny the laws themselves/yourselves… that they/you threw like a spidersweb… www.666… of an international net… internet… over the people…. to catch them in their/your snares, so that they/you can control or erase/eliminate them, when they will start to turn against their/your evil and wickedness and frauduleus and corrupt bloodshedding anti-GOD and anti-Christ/anti-Mashiach Whore Babylon and Beast-reign-world-global-system… that was/is only concerned about Big Money, Wealth, and power and Satans/Lucifers plan. Many people start to see the corruption and evil among you people in high positions… and you know it. So you will do anything that is possible to stay in your power-situation, even if it is neccessary to erase billions of people, according to your plans and schemes and agenda’s. And I, GOD YHWH, even allow you to do it… to reveal who the sons of Satan are and who are the sons of Me, the GOD of the heavens and the earth, the True Almighty One of creation, the great “I AM”, who spoke to Moses and all other holy prophets, seers, revelators and holy apostles and messengers and witnesses from past, present and future and to all My true saints. I AM. But My holy people will war against you by the Sword of My Holy Spirit, THE WORD OF GOD, which is sharper than each two-edged sword… and it will pierce through your innermost being to separate marrow from bones, and soul from spirit and will be YOUR JUDGE… and there is NO WEAPON AGAINST MY JUDGE. I AM the Invisible and Invincible GOD of the heavens and the earth and the GOD of the True Israel of GOD. I AM. Soon I will show you My powers in creation, when I will make an end to your temporary reign. I AM. For soon I will send Him who was, is and always will be… who was with Me from the Beginning, yes, even before foundation of creation. I AM. You know His name : Jesus The Christ, the King of the Jews, the King above all kings and the LORD above all lords. I AM. HE IS the Radiance of My Glory, the Expression of My holy Eternal GODly Being and the Carrier of My almighty powerfull words of My almighty Ghost/Spirit, by which I created the heavens and the earth, the visible and invisible realms/dimensions/material and spirit-worlds, universes… or by My words called into existence ones. I AM.” ;

Says the Almighty One of creation and of Israel, who is faithfull to His Words written in His holy scrolls/scriptures/books of His Holy Messengers from past, present and future.

Prophecy received by Jean Schoonbroodt. NL. on the 06.12.2023.