To the man of God in the NL..

This says GOD to the man of GOD in the Netherlands :

Hear, o prophet, I AM your GOD. YHVH is My holy name forever. I AM. Return to your ministry. For many years I isolated you from churches, because of your calling. Many didn’t acknowledge your ministry in the past, but in future they will. I AM. For I AM GOD and I will exalt My name amoung the nations and tribes of the earth and amoung Israel and the Jews and christianity. I AM. For I AM the GOD who never changes. I AM. Although many denied this fact I AM still the Same. I AM. Soon I will glorify My holy name in a powerfull and glorious way amoung the nations and tribes and generations of the earth. I AM. For I will come down from heaven in My holy Image called : Yeshua ha Mashiach/ Jesous Christos/ Jesus the Christ. I AM. And all will fear and tremble when that day will be. I AM.

Prophecy To The Candle. 04.03.2020.