GOD speaks to the children of men…


This says the GOD of all flesh and blood and all spirits and of all material/visible and invisible realms/dimensions/worlds/universes/

the by the words of  God called into existence ones :


“Hear, ye children of men, soon I will reveal the goats and the sheep. Many are already revealed to My chosen ones. Now I will show to all who My real sons and daughters are and who are not. For I AM GOD and no-one else is as/like I AM. I created the heavens and the earth. I was before the foundation of creation. I AM the One who called all into existence… and not you weak and proud people. I AM. Therefore the end is near. I AM. For many wanted to be My holy sheep, but were not. Many wanted to be sons and daughters of My Heavenly Fatherhouse, but were not, but just religious… but not chosen by Me to be My eternal glorified sons and daughters and little children. I AM. For I knew all already from before foundation of creation. I knew you all… and I decided already from before foundation of creation who would be My holy sheep and who not. I chose and I will choose who will be saved… and not mankind itself. For I AM the real Supreme Ruler and King, who decides who I want to be My eternal inheritants and real co-workers in the earth to be and remain My holy vessels of mercy and grace and love and truth… and who will overcome this evil and wicked godless world, that is enslaved to evil lusts and is Mammon-focussed and therefore took the name, number, number of the name and mark/charagma/stigma(ata) of the false prophet and the Beast, which is 666. I AM. Blessed are all who accept that I AM the One who chose and chooses who I want to save or not. All the other people are just false teachers and false prophets. For they make the gospel again to a religious teaching, that makes people think that they can save themselves. I AM. I chose and choose who I AM willing to be gracious and merciful or not. It is not up to men’s choice to be saved, but it is My holy choice from eternity. I AM. I will fulfill My holy will and plan in creation and in the lives of people according to My holy choices and decisions. I AM. Blessed are all that I chose and blessed and predestined to eternal glory from the beginning till the day of eternal glory with Me and My beloved and glorified Son Yeshua HaMashiach/ Jesus The Christ. I AM. For they are the ones who really were/are/remain reconciled to Us by His precious Blood on the cross of Calvery and on the place of reconciliation on the Ark of the Covenant on Golgatha/Calvery and in heaven. I AM.” ;

Speaks the LORD and GOD of creation, the Almighty One, the great “I AM”, the GOD of Israel and of all universal powers and authorities and of all flesh and blood and bones and of all spirits and of all living creatures/created beings… that have breath of life.

The Voice in The Wind of Holy Ghost / The Candle / Jean Schoonbroodt. NL. Vlijmen.