Endtime : Revelation 13… explained by GOD…

Prophetic explanation of Rev.13.


This is what GOD says:

“Behold, I know You and who You are. You have not fully acknowledged Me in My will for Your life. Many have already taken the injections of the Beast mentioned in Rev. 13. and will experience the result of their association with 666, as mentioned in Rev. 14. You have often been warned, but did not believe that you were already living in the end times. Error teachings in the Churches were held firmly. The Jesuits were believed more than My holy prophets and revelators and apostles… and those who researched: A. The end times B. Things of 666 and the connection to Rev 13.. Already in the eighties, and the decades after, I already warned through those who knew what would come to mankind and Christianity. Nevertheless, many rejected them. That is why almost all have already adopted 666… ​​and thus opted for the anti-Christian Mammon- system. Many bought and sold, because of their affiliation with 666 in the worldwide barcode in which 666 processed sat/sits. Many became one with the money-bank-trading system of the Beast, which already had 666 in their international and national-international-linked-bank accounts as well. Also in all IDs linked to 666 and the world -wide-web of the money system, the Image of the Beast-Internet-Computing-system linked to and connected to the barcode and the barcode 666-system. All are already on and in 666. And it is in their right hand through the passes, id-s and all other official instant documents and papers etc. All have the pin-code in their forehead (learned by heart), which is linked to the pass linked to 666 of the total banking world. The entire digital world is linked to 666. The image of the Beast is both the supercomputer in Brussels… as well as other Internet-Beast-System-super-computers and servers-providers-browsers and all internet-devices, to internet www. (in Hebrew this is wav-wav-wav- = 666) affiliated and linked/connected modern technology and communication tools. You are in the Beast of Rev. 13 and You sit in the Image of the Beast… with the spirit that speaks ( = all TV and internet-image systems and means of communication ) and that  teaches all / demands of all… to take the name or the number of the name or his charagma and stigma / mark / sharp point inserted / injected “vomin” of The Old Snake/ Satan/Lucifer / The Red Dragon… or applied as a possible electronic tattoo ( made with a sharp or edging thing)  or as a micro-chip ( between your right thumb and pointing-finger) or as a hydrogel-sharp-point/pallisade-needle plaster with nanotechnology on your right hand or on your forehead. This Image of the Beast makes in this way… or manipulates… that all…  will have or will take the seed of the snake or that they will inject you, so that it reaches your will-center / spiritual heart, located in your frontal lobe of your brain, so that it will control you through the 4G and 5G and 6G and later 7G radiation… and you become a robot-human… controlled by those who control this anti-Christian world system, which is led by Satan/Lucifer and the fallen angels and demons and unclean spirits. I AM. See, the current “rescue” – injections against the “virus” is the means of choice to even bring the Beast into your body… and thereby make you one with the Artificial-Intelligence-Beast -system, so that it takes total control over and in your body, if you survive the Ancient Serpent’s syringes and other “venom” injections. Billions of people will not survive the injections if they take her/them… and the survivors will become cyborgs/robots, who can no longer control their own will as they want. The end of the real human being is near. Only those who have been chosen by Me from before the foundation of creation and predestined to escape this Beast system… to step out… and not go with it, will indeed be unable to buy or sell, but  I will take care of them… if it is My will that they remain alive for a while… or till the day My Son returns from heaven to save them. Yet all other people/saints will be persecuted… and imprisoned and die a martyr’s death. I AM. Behold, the Beast-World-Empire (UN) and the false prophet of Rome will persecute them… and the Beast-system, with all its eyes and ears and digital highways, will track them down and eventually “clean up” all. See, the concentration-/education-/labour-/re-education/”greenzone”-camps have already been set up… and will be further expanded… to eliminate all opponents… and/or The Beast-World-Empire will cause wars to “wipe out” many, who stand in the way of their international globalist vision. I AM. Behold, You live fully in the fulfillment of Rev. 13. He who neither saw nor sees… is seeing blind and hearing deaf… or ignorant… or hardened towards the truth which proceeds from Me. I AM. Behold, the false prophet, the beast out of the earth with the two horns like a lamb and who speaks as a dragon… is the little horn of Daniel 7.  is the man of Rome who sits there on his throne… and receives audiences, with whom all kings and rulers of the earth commit spiritual adultery, and who is the high priest of The Whore Babylon… and whose number of his Latin titles are 666. All the kings and rulers of the earth have to bow for him… and get instructions by him in the hidden chambers. I AM. He has been making fire fall from heaven for decades, so that all may honor/worship/idolize and obey the Image of the Beast. He invaded and invades countries, with armies of nations, who would not submit to him and the Beast and the Image of the Beast… or would not accept them in their lands… or were not willing to accept the modern digital means of communication of the Beast-system in their lands, for they saw it as being sorcery, which it is in reality in My Holy Eyes. For they rob the spiritual virginity of the people on earth by their evil and wickedness… and schemes to lead all to eternal destruction and suffering and second death. See : Revelation 14 ; 8-13. “ ; Says the LORD GOD Almighty, the GOD of the universes, the great I AM, YHVH-Elohim. “These armies, led by the anti-christ through the leaders of those nations, then had / will have/ or will (to) wage war against these nations… or in those countries, throwing bombs / fire from heaven on the people, who would not/will not accept his Image of The Beast-System-communication. This false prophet, with his international power, this little horn of Daniel 7, stayed/remains in power until WE put an end to his rule and reign and that of the Beast and their armies and world power… at the return of Jesus Christ / Yeshua ha Mashiach from heaven on the Mount of Olives, east of Jerusalem in Israel, to save the remnant of Israel from them. This little horn, under religious guise, was / is given all power… and will temporarily rule over all nations, peoples, and tribes and kindreds of the earth… until Our Decrees are completed… and the true sons of God’s are revealed… and also those who are not, but are the sons of Satan/Lucifer and of the false prophet and of the Beast-system. I AM.” : Speaks the LORD GOD Almighty, the GOD of creation, the GOD of Israel, YHVH-Elohim, The Great Universal I AM.

Prophecy dated 18.08.2021. Received by Jean Schoonbroodt. NL. EU.

The Voice in The Wind / The Candle.

1 Thess. 5 ; 18-20.

ATTENTION ! Video which confirms the danger of the injections !!!

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